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Wildcats Agogo Pattaya

Wildcats Agogo Bar PattayaWildcats Agogo Bar is located within Soi BJ via Walking Street between Soi 15 and 16. Wildcats is a small to a medium sized with double tiered seating on the LHS as you enter. The RHS has a single bench seating against the wall. Taking center stage is a good sized long rectangular dance floor.

Wildcats is less modern than the bars along Walking Street which for me is more my style of bar. There are 9 dancers on stage and a couple are rather busty. Some of the dancers on a break do come over and see if they can hang out and don’t get annoyed when they get sent packing.

The atmosphere within the bar is all good. The dancers on the dance floor all have plenty of energy and do try and make eye contact just to see if anyone is interested. These are the non-coyote dancers and more than a few would be well worth barfining.

Once they had finished their set then it was the turn of the Coyote dancers who wore wrist bands and they all appeared younger than the regular dancers. This comes in handy as they have a tiered system of barfines and lady drinks. Regular Dancer 145฿ Lady Drink 1000฿ Barfine. Coyote 165฿ Lady Drink 1500฿ Barfine.

They run a tight ship at Wildcats with the mamasan keeping everyone in line, no slacking off here. The music being played is all good for the dancers, just keep the Boom Boom going.

Wildcats GoGo Bar Pattaya

Wildcats Agogo Bar Dancers

Wildcats is Tourist Friendly which I usually do find at the Thai run bars. A couple of customers did get a bit too sloshed drinking the 69฿ draught beer and the staff did a good job keeping them under control.

Once you buy one of the dancers a drink they do appear keen to be barfined. At least here more than a few of the dancers are very down to earth and look like they would be a lot of fun if you decided to go down that path.

Wildcats Pattaya is well worth a look especially if you are planning on barfining someone for the night. Also have a look at the Palace Go-Go Bar.

Wildcats Pattaya … 6½/10.