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Patpong Nightlife

Patpong, if you can train yourself to ignore the touts trying to take you to a ping pong show then Patpong is a cool spot to hang out. For this time of year numbers are down of tourists heading to the red light areas but saying that some bars are packed since people are becoming more knowledgeable of which are the best bars.

The first bar I head to is The Strip in Patpong 2 and would have to be the most disappointing bar in all of Bangkok with their glossy advertising showing such good looking dancers until you head inside and see a run down bar in need of a makeover and some fresh faces as there’re more than a few dancers that are past their use-by date and should be working in a beer bar and not a gogo bar like The Strip, I couldn't even bring myself to go in as there were only two customers inside and my experience lately of The Strip is if they don't have a crowd the dancers seen disinterested.

The Strip Patpong 2

The Strip Patpong Soi 2

Ok so its of to greener pastures and a quick look at Bada Bing with such a good group dancers and a well run bar that you will be hard pressed to find anything wrong with this bar the only gripe I had is there is one dancer that I like watch since she pushes all the right buttons and it’s hard to take your eyes of her when on the dance floor wasn't working tonight …

Black Pagoda were having a Free Champagne night which didn't draw a crowd maybe people new the renovations haven't been completed yet but putting that aside there are some very attractive and lean dancers at Black Pagoda to have a bit of fun with, they are still worth checking out.

Now usually when I go out I get stuck in one bar and tonight it was the Thigh Bar in Patpong Soi 1. I was just strolling through the market when I looked over at the Thigh Bar and noticed that they have spent a bit of cash on a new frontage for the bar so I had to go in fully expecting a make-over inside as well but sadly no change, one thing was apparent that there was a real atmosphere here tonight and a good group of dancers on stage. There were a few girls up for a bit of fun tonight and had no problem straddling on a few guys lap grinding like there is no tomorrow and we aren't talking about some tired bargirls here, these were early 20’s.

So do check out the Thigh Bar if in Patpong and at 60฿ for a draft beer it wont set you back to much if none of the dancers are to your taste.

At Nana Plaza people will be saying numbers are down but what I saw compared to Soi Cowboy that Nana Plaza / Soi 4 bars are doing better. The bars that really stood out for me this week were Spankys, Angelwitch and Sexy Night which is strange as they are all located next to each other on the middle floor even the DC10 ladyboy bar seemed to be doing ok. Billboard located on the top floor still has the best Jacuzzi action in Nana Plaza so go check that out, have your 20฿ notes at the ready and the chicks will get right into it.

I spent some time in London Calling and was a bit surprised when had a look at how much they were charging for a whiskey and coke 185฿ that's 20฿ more than most other venues so no wonder I witnessed on more than one occasion a group come in and take a seat therefore liking what they saw on the dance floor but when they looked at the drink prices just got up and left.

Should I let everyone know if you want a bit of the girlfriend experience which is getting harder to find these day where to get it? It’s at  …………….……. ???? …….. If they let me take a few pics inside maybe I will reveal which bar.

Now to Hooters which opened this week and what a great addition to Nana Soi 4 one thing I have noticed is the freelancers have increased in the area around Hooters. I had a chat with one around midnight who said she would go with someone for 1000฿ and I have spoken to a few people who have said that later when Nana Plaza closes that they will go with someone for as little as 500฿. Back to Hooters they are located perfectly and should be a big hit within Soi 4 have a look at some pictures here.

Soi Cowboy wasn't as busy as you would expect for this time of year which really is a bonus for the tourists that are here since there are more bargirls / dancers to choose from. The Toy Bar again had a good group of dancers this week. Now to one of my favorite bars to hang out in Jungle Jim's well what a up the night I went someone has gone and hired one of the most retarded bargirls that I have ever come across here's what happened now obviously this bargirl thought I have just got off a plane from Australia so thinks I'm going to be her sucker / loser for the night.

Bargirl …  Hello how are you?

Me … yeah good I'm just having this drink then leaving so you’re better of going and talk with someone else.

Bargirl … I saw you come in you very handsome so I want sit with you.

Me … (HA HA FFS) Nah I’m going soon.

Bargirl … I'm an Angel.

Me … I just look and think she's retarded.

Bargirl … can you give me 100฿

Me … No.

Bargirl … (2 questions) Do you own a business? Do you know Tibetan?

Me … Just look at full blown retard, I have met some silly bargirls before but this idiot is serious.

Bargirl … now chants something that I would think is a curse in Tibetan and walks away.

It really was strange but the good thing about here is you can pick your drink and chit up then just go next door to the Moonshine Joint and pay the bill there once you have finished your drink.

Moonshine Joint Soi Cowboy

Moonshine Joint dancers take a break

Now luckily in the Moonshine Joint they had a good group of dancers inside I sat by the entrance and after I had finished staring at the chicks dancing I let my eyes wonder to the end of the bar where there were four bargirls give some old guy a tag team hand-job well I didn't want to see how that ended so … yeah time to go.