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Freelancer to Go

Do you want fries with that Freelancer? Nah. Drink? Nah just as is and before you know it you’re back at your hotel. Hold on a second where's the security in that? It’s not as simple going to a McDonalds drive-thru where you can just go back for a refund if you have a problem with your purchase. You’re in their world now! You may have agreed on a price but when it’s time for her to go she comes out with a figure that you would never have agreed upon. What are you going to do, argue? Maybe at the beginning but then she’s on her phone talking Thai to some guy on the other end, now you know your f.cked.

You’re better off just pay the extra 1000 Baht that she will want and chalk it up to stupidity, I mean experience. It’s a dog eat dog world out there when dealing with Freelancers so take the risk at your peril. Most transactions do go smoothly but when they go wrong It will leave a bad taste in your mouth for a long time…..

The whole article can be found inBangkok Bars Volume 1”. The Series is available now via the links below.

Bangkok Bars Vol 1BANGKOK BARS

Volume 1

The Kindle Edition is now available for purchase on Amazon >BUY NOW<


Bangkok Bars Vol 2BANGKOK BARS

Volume 2

The Kindle Edition is now available for purchase on Amazon >BUY NOW<