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Keep it Clean

I have been trying to rein in the theme that has brewing within most of the articles this year. Just let me go out one night without a story landing in my lap. For some reason where ever I go the freaky or a rarity just happens to be transpiring in front of me. No more f…me’s, me or talking about snatches etc. This family free version is an attempt to change direction for the better showing the brighter side of Bangkok Bars. A trip to Soi Cowboy early in the week should be interesting since I don’t have a care in the world. I just plan to have a couple of drinks outside at Jungle Jim’s then wonder over to Nana Plaza. This should go well.

When I arrived at Jungle Jim’s there are a few dancers in green uniforms and a few coyote in white pants outside. I ignore all the women as I’m just here to relax. A guy who was well into his 60’s struck up a conversation and he ended up being very interesting to talk with. He really did know his way around a gogo bar. The Dollhouse is in full view from Jungle Jim’s and the dancer out front was doing a fine job. Watching her did put a few ideas in my head. This guy decides to head off to the Five Star Bar as the word is the dancers are getting naked. None of that for me tonight as I’m keeping it clean…..

The whole article can be found inBangkok Bars Volume 3”. The Series is available via the links below.

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