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A F.cking Backpack!

As an adult heading out to Nana Plaza what is the last thing you want to see people carrying? … A F.cking Backpack! I’ve never witnessed anyone getting it on having a good time with women who has a backpack. As a matter of fact if I ever saw someone entering a gogo bar with a backpack and a baseball cap then I’m out of there! As should most people. Dont people think before they go out? … ‘Yeah this is a good look! Now lets hit the bars!’

The image below is from Wednesday Night @ Nana Plaza where I spotted a gogo dancer (her breasts) who was on a break from the Twister Bar. A quick check of the picture and that's when I spotted the backpacks. The good news is a bar like Rainbow 5 is vigilant and are up front about refusing entry to anyone that doesn’t fit their demographic. Bars should have a ‘No Backpack Policy’ as there is no reason why any adult should be carrying a backpack when going out to gogo bars. Think about it!What For? …..

The whole article can be found inBangkok Bars Volume 2”. The Series is available now via the links below.

Bangkok Bars Vol 1BANGKOK BARS

Volume 1

The Kindle Edition is now available for purchase on Amazon >BUY NOW<


Bangkok Bars Vol 2BANGKOK BARS

Volume 2

The Kindle Edition is now available for purchase on Amazon >BUY NOW<