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I’m standing near Hooters having a chat with one of the Freelancers that has become a regular over the past few weeks. From across the Soi I would have put her age at approaching 30 but now that I’m standing close she looks easily five years older. I don’t know how my night would have panned out as from nowhere my attention turned to the ATM within the Nana Hotel carpark. Here we have a guy that has lost it big time! He is slapping the ATM with both hands. A waitress from Hillary 4 moves into lend assistance and his aggression level went through the roof as he yelled  ‘Go Away!!!’ She went back about 10 feet but moved closer as he tried again to retrieve cash from the ATM.

Anyone who has used a Thai ATM and can’t read Thai needs to change the language. This appears to be where he is stuck as he just stares at the screen. She moves in to lend assistance for the second time and again he yells ‘Go Away!’ Another waitress arrives to try and help … He’ll have none of this! Yelling ‘Go Away! You’re not helping!’ aggressively walking towards her. This happened on more than one occasion. He moves back in and starts yelling at the ATM …. ‘Why wont you work?’ HA HA. In the meantime the second waitress has called over security from Hillary 4 who watches from a reasonable distance …..

The whole article can be found inBangkok Bars Volume 2”. The Series is available now via the links below.

Bangkok Bars Vol 1BANGKOK BARS

Volume 1

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Bangkok Bars Vol 2BANGKOK BARS

Volume 2

The Kindle Edition is now available for purchase on Amazon >BUY NOW<