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Radio City Patpong

Located within Patpong 1 is the Radio City Lounge formerly named The Den. At Radio City they have put a lot of thought and effort into producing a very classy looking establishment. Out front there were four attractive looking bargirls. I stopped and had a chat with one since she had a menu which is the norm as you walk along Patpong 1. I headed inside and wasn’t followed by anyone which is always a positive.

I take a seat by the bar and get a whiskey (160 Baht) and look around and notice a pool table on the LHS with two women having a game. They looked like customers since they both had a drink and there were no guys hanging around. There was one male customer who was over in a corner watching one of the three large flat screen TV’s with a couple of women … he's the winner! Note: Now Closed.

Radio City Lounge Bangkok

Radio City Lounge Neon Sign

The color scheme is very reddish with plenty of areas to sit on comfortable sofas or large chairs.. It’s around 10:30 pm so still a bit early for a place like this so I would guess that they will get busy later on.

A guy came in and sat with one of the bargirls. I wasn’t to interested in looking in their direction until I heard her say…. ‘don't do that!!!’. I'm thinking sh.t hot some action! … As I look at him he's just sitting there like a statute damn. A few minutes later  she yells louder ‘I told you don't do that!!!’ HA HA … I noticed his hand pull away from her hip … FFS. Well I guess you cant get very hands-on or is this guy just a dick and I didn’t see what he was up to.

I do like the bargirl lineup at Radio City  and it is refreshing having no gogo dancers. I’m sure the bargirls will fire up … they are here to make money and that means  … have a good time.

The staff are friendly and you do get left alone if that's what you are after. This is Patpong so do yourself a favor and have some fun with one of the bargirls … Just don't be a!

Radio City Patpong … 6/10.