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Spice Girls Soi Cowboy

The Spice Girls go-go bar was the last gogo bar that I ever entered with within Soi Cowboy. Now you would think with the standard of the dancers out front the Spice Girls would have been one of the first bars that I visited. Something just didn't feel right as I never saw a stream of people heading inside. Even on the busiest nights.

I took a seat nearby at Fanny’s Bar where I have a good view of the entrance to Spice Girls. Soi Cowboy is busy and it has taken 40 min's for the first customer to walk inside. Which for me is really strange. It’s time to see why? I will say though since mid 2016 that Spice Girls does on occasions have a good stream of customers entering the bar. So they should as those gogo dancers out front does make it hard to just walk-by. At least stand and gawk for a few minutes.

Spice Girls Bangkok

Spice Girls Soi Cowboy

Inside Spice Girls

As I entered Spice Girls I noticed  that one of the dancers who was outside followed me in. I tried to discourage her but this fell on deaf ears so off we go to a seat. It took about 30 seconds to get rid of her… which did erk me. This is like a 7/11 and I'm the customer so let me choose my bargirl/dancer… FFS. I order a beer and the award for the most expensive beer list goes to Spice Girls! My Tiger Beer is 250 Baht congratulations. At Fanny’s Bar the price is 120 Baht.

Spice Girls gogo bar is a good size with an elevated dance floor in the middle. There are eight attractive dancers on stage who do put on a good show since they can actually dance and not just hang onto a pole. I decide to have a chat with the waitress and ask how much it’s to barfine one of the dancers. She says they cant be barfined but the waitresses can for 1000 Baht. HA HA… The award for the most expensive barfine for the oldest bargirls in Soi Cowboy goes to… Spice Girls! If you're into the 40 up age group then you can barfine a 40 year old bargirl at the Moonshine Joint or Jungle Jim's for 600 Baht.

There is no getting away from it… The gogo dancers are attractive here at Spice Girls. You can have a decent night out albeit expensive. Don’t go overboard with the lady drinks and try to only party with the dancers.

The guy that came in earlier was seated opposite to me with one of the dancers. He was cuddling up and this poor sap has love in his eyes… FFS. You would have to see it to grasp how stupid this looked. The way he looks into her eyes then he cuddles in as if he wants to sleep … Then he looks back at her… really FFS. Yeah she’s hot!.. But just give me a bucket! The poor sap is also getting sucked dry by the waitresses. I saw twice when it was time to buy another round the waitresses were like vultures. They zeroed in on him so he was buying 5 drinks at a time! They asked me a few times but I just said… No!

So there's the problem at Spice Girls every man and his dog wants a drink (except they’re woman). In a way you can’t blame them for trying when they get customers who can’t say … No!

Spice Girls Soi Cowboy Bangkok5½/10.