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Spellbound | Nana Plaza

(Spellbound has made way for the construction of Bangkok Bunnies Situated on the ground floor of Nana Plaza next to the Lollipop Bar. Spellbound Go-Go Bar has a large outside bar area which would be a good place to sit but unfortunately they employ some of the oldest bargirls at Nana Plaza, it is a mystery as to why they don't have the dancers on a break out front in the bar area since they are in a high traffic location, most people on a holiday aren't going to sit and have a drink with some of the single mothers I witnessed here, there's a couple possible grandmothers as well. I bit the bullet and had a beer out front which was 120 Baht. I tried talking with 2 different women but I really couldn't hack it and just made excuses that I needed make a phone call, their English was terrible for people that work in this industry and are over 40 f.. me one was easily in her 50’s but I must admit she did have a good figure.

Spellbound Go-Go Bar Area

I enter the Go-Go Bar which is a good size and looks to have been recently renovated. There is a X-shaped elevated dance floor in the middle which can hold about 14 Dancers comfortably. I got another beer inside it costs 160฿, there are 8 dancers on stage and most look older than other dancers at other bars within Nana Plaza. They have 2 swings on Stage but while I was there didn't witness anyone using them. Back to the dancers 3 are wearing black see through tops which was pleasant viewing. If you want to barfine someone then that cost 800 Baht. After about 5 songs they did a shift change and now they have 10 dancers on stage and 2 are very attractive and mid 20's therefore look a lot younger than the other dancers…. Yes 5 years difference for bar girls is a lot. The music and volume was ok its just that out of 18 dancers only 2 looked worth barfining  so I'm out of here.

In the outside bar area I noticed they now have a few good looking women hanging around now but its still mainly the older variety. Its an easy fix for the owners of Spellbound Go-Go Bar it might be time to retire some of the women out front then retire some of the dancers from dancing to work out front and get the other dancers on a break to come outside then they might be able to get people inside as there was only 4 people inside when I was there.

At Spellbound they have a show which I haven't seen yet. I wasn't going to stick around and wait with that few people inside, you do need a bit of a crowed or it will just feel a bit too sleazy hanging around waiting to see a show.

Spellbound Nana Plaza … 4/10.