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Best Bars @ Soi Cowboy - Baccara - Cowboy 2 - The Dollhouse - Kiss - Lucky Star - Toy Bar - Crazy House (soi 23) .....

Located within Soi 23

Crazy House BangkokCrazy House Bangkok *****

A must see bar located near the entrance of Soi Cowboy in Sukhumvit Soi 23 is the Crazy House. You wont be disappointed with action on the dance floor.

Enter via Soi 23 - LHS

Soi Cowboy BangkokThe Rio Club

Quiet with plenty of attractive dancers out front very tame once you enter. Some people might find this to their taste.

Enter via Soi 23 - RHS

Baccara go-go bar- neon signBaccara *****

The Baccara is a must see bar within Soi Cowboy. Well laid out and clean with plenty of good dancers on display. Take a seat by the dance floor and look up.

Soi Cowboy BangkokCockatoo

Sit and watch the action from Baccaras outside bar of the ladyboys sitting out front. If you enter you will have to buy a drink or two as the ladyboys a very demanding.

Soi Cowboy - Shark BarShark Go-Go Bar

They need fix their air-conditioner as it wasn't the best the nights I went. Outside bar has a few good looking women working. Overall though … A poor bar.

Sahara bar - Soi CowboySahara

You should have a good night out at the Sahara Bar, the staff and the dancers know how to have a good time. Sahara is one of the most expensive bars within Soi Cowboy.

Midnite go-go bar - BangkokMidnite Bar

There always seems to be a team of Go-Go dancers out front the Midnite Bar. Doing their best to drag customers inside.

Moonshine Joint -  BangkokMoonshine Joint

The ladies are very hands on at the Moonshine Joint. You will have to leave your morals at the door as you might see some crazy stuff on any given night.

Soi Cowboy BangkokShadow Bar

Good place to sit if you want to watch the dancer doing her stuff at the Dollhouse. Cheap drinks and some large TV’s with sport showing.

Soi Cowboy BangkokJungle Jim's

Another hands on bar with Coyote dancers from Cowboy 2 making an appearance. You will know you’ve been to Soi Cowboy after a night at Jungle Jim’s.

The Dollhouse Soi CowboyThe Dollhouse ****

The Dollhouse is possibly Soi Cowboys coolest bar. Inside you will find gogo dancers in various stages of undress. Upstairs they have tabletop dancing and sports on a large screen. The Dollhouse is very tourist friendly. A must see bar!

Suzy Wong - Soi Cowboy BangkokSuzie Wong

A big disappointment since they have dropped their lesbian show. Now they’re competing with other bars nearby. Take a look at the Dollhouse Agogo opposite for a good night out.

Soi Cowboy BangkokFanny’s Bar

You seem to be left alone by the women working but Fanny’s is a good place to sit outside as you get a good view of what is going on within Soi Cowboy.

Spice Girls - Neon SignSpice Girls

You will have an expensive night out if you venture inside Spice Girls. Buy a dancer a drink, then expect all the hangers-on wanting a drink as well.

Soi Cowboy BangkokAfterskool Bar

At Afterskool Bar you will get surrounded by women wanting a drink so I wouldn't even think of going if you aren't switched on or it will be a very expensive night out.

Cowboy 2 BangkokCowboy 2 *****

You wont miss Cowboy 2 with so many dancers out front taking a break. A good place to sit out front and have a quiet drink since the view is so good.

Soi Cowboy BangkokLighthouse

The outside bar at the Lighthouse does fill up with male expats if that's your scene. This does take away from the whole experience of hanging out within Soi Cowboy for tourists.

Soi Cowboy BangkokDundee

A small bar where you can sit out front and smoke your lungs. Since that's what most the women do here. Inside you will get pressured into buying a lady drink.

Soi Cowboy BangkokKiss

Another bar with plenty of Go-Go dancers out front taking a break. Kiss bar is worth a look as you might see more than you expected on a good night.

Cactus Bar neon signCactus

You will get a big surprise when you enter the Cactus Bar with all ladies up dancing in their birthday suits.

Soi Cowboy BangkokSam’s 2000 Bar

If you want a decent bite to eat at Soi Cowboy Bangkok then this is the place to go. Sam’s 2000 Bar also caters for several other bars within Soi Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok - Toy BarToy Bar

A no morals bar you just never know what you might see, the women are very hands on as are some of the clientele.

Soi Cowboy BangkokTilac

A large bar within Soi Cowboy with plenty of attractive dancers and a large outside bar that always seems to be busy. A must see bar.

Lucky Star - Soi Cowboy BangkokLucky Star ***

A good place to visit on a trip to Soi Cowboy some of the ladies are bigger in the chest area the regular Thai women on display at most other locations.

Soi Cowboy BangkokDejaVu

DejaVu has plenty of attractive dancers standing out front within Soi Cowboy. Don't think they will be busy inside as it is basically the same theme as the Rio Club.

Soi Cowboy - Crazy CatCrazy Cat

Crazy Cat formerly the Cocktail Club. Has some cool coyote dancers, a beer before 9 pm costs 90฿ making Crazy Cat a good spot for an early drink.

Five Star Bar - Soi CowboyFive Star

The Five Star Bar has just been renovated and had a theme change. You’ll find ladyboys sitting out front usually wearing black dresses.

Rawhide - Soi Cowboy BangkokRawhide ***

I like the name Rawhide as when I entered most the dancers were in the raw. It’s well worth a visit when come to Soi Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy BangkokCountry Road

You have choice at Country Road Bar play some pool, listen to a band, eat food or chat up the women within the bar. Good place if you want to chill.

The Corner bar - logoCorner Bar

The band is just ok and too loud to have a conversation. Sit outside for a good night out at the Corner Bar. There’re plenty of bargirls on show.

Soi Cowboy

The Dollhouse BangkokSoi Cowboy Bangkok really is a great place to visit and experience Bangkok nightlife at its best. With the selection of go-go bars at Soi Cowboy there should be a bar to please everyone, you just have to know which bars are to your taste. There always seems to be a good atmosphere and gets extremely busy especially on a Friday & Saturday nights.

Soi Cowboy is the good option if you're on a short stay in Bangkok. The bright lights, atmosphere, plenty of girls, live bands & you will be surprised at the quality of the food that you can get within the Soi. The location to the BTS and MRT are an added bonus making it an easy destination to attend.

You will find several must see go-go bars at Soi Cowboy the trick is knowing which bars are good. Some bars may look quiet from the outside but once you enter don't be surprised to find them busy.

Have a read of the Soi Cowboy bar reviews and make your own choice eg: go-go bars, live music or beer bars where you can get a bite to eat or play a game of pool. Some bars have the same owner so you will see the same theme with the look inside of the bar, just a different neon sign out front.If your are a first time visitor then just keep on walking until you find a bar you’re interested in.

UPDATE: For outcall girls in the Soi Cowboy area I would recommend Smooci is an instant booking platform that lets you live search 100's of hot local girls with the lowest prices in town. As well as being able to make instant bookings, you can see customer ratings to find the best girls and when you make a booking you even get a GPS link so you can follow your date all the way to your hotel room door. What a better to way to spend a hot afternoon in Bangkok.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Soi Cowboy Bangkok Reviews

Regarding the rating system. I take the point of view of an average tourist on a short stay in Bangkok. And look at what they might expect to see or do on a trip to Soi Cowboy. This might cause an anomaly in the eyes of a tourist who is here with no moral boundaries. For example the Toy Bar although I gave it a 3/10 at that time. For our tourist who wants it all… Well 8/10.

Do yourself a favor and choose who you want to spend your time with at the bars within Soi Cowboy. Don’t let them choose you! Watch out for the bar staff wanting a drink otherwise you may end up with a surprisingly large bill at the end of the night. It’s best to hangout with one or two women at a time. That way you can keep an eye on your spending. I've seen some guys buying drinks for up to 5 people at onetime… they’re just a sap! Watch here on YouTube … Soi Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok BarNewsBangkok