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Shark Bar Soi Cowboy

The Shark Go-Go Bar is located next to Midnite and Baccara Gogo Bars within Soi Cowboy Bangkok. When you arrive there are usually several attractive looking women sitting out front in white dresses. The outside bar area is where you can sit and relax before going inside to the gogo bar. You will get approached by a few women wanting to sit and have a drink. A drink outside cost 160 baht and inside the gogo area it is 180 Baht. You will get have a good view of the Sahara & the Midnite Bars gogo dancers who have both a steady stream of dancers coming out front. If you like the ladyboys then you also have a good view of the Cockatoo Bar.

Shark Bar Soi Cowboy

Shark Bar Neon Sign Soi Cowboy

Time to enter the Shark Bar gogo area and bang! The music is too loud and not a great selection of songs for the dancers. The gogo bar itself is a medium size with an elevated rectangular dance floor in the middle. There are 16 dancers on stage wearing see through tops… Most with no bra so basically topless! Therefore who gives a sh.t about the song selections. There is a good atmosphere within the bar.

The gogo dancers look fit and there are several that can actually dance which is a bonus. I order a beer which cost 165 baht. I ask the waitress how much it is to barfine one of the dancers? Of course its not that simple to just get a straight answer… She asks me which one? HA HA … any will do! She did have a sense of humor but I wish they would just lay it on the line with the answer.

A look around the dance floor and I notice that most the customers are Japanese or Korean. I have taken a seat around the dance floor since there is no other seats left. The gogo dancers didn't seem to take a preference to the customers nationality. Show them you're interested and most will usually dance a bit better.

The night I was there the air conditioning wasn't working that great but the Shark Go-Go Bar was still packed. There is also a large flat screen TV over the bar where you can watch some football. If you like the Shark Go-Go Bar then also have a look at The Dollhouse which is located just a short walk within Soi Cowboy.

Shark Go-Go Bar Soi Cowboy … 6/10.