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Sahara Go-Go Bar Soi Cowboy

The Sahara Go-Go Bar is located next to the Moonshine Joint within Soi Cowboy. They always seem to have a steady stream of go-go dancers out front either taking a break or trying to get people inside. There will also be several ladyboys in black dresses out front but will disappear quickly once they nab someone to go inside.

On entering the Sahara Go-Go Bar I was followed by 2 attractive dancers which took a few minutes for them to get the message that I wasn't here to buy them drinks. The Sahara is a good size for a gogo bar. There is a well designed dance floor in the middle with a circular area on each end. There were eight Coyote dancers on stage and they do dance not just hang onto a pole. Now Closed!

Sahara Gogo Bar Bangkok

Sahara dancers have cats ears on. Ladyboy is in Black Dress.

The atmosphere at the Sahara is very good. The gogo dancers appear to be enjoying themselves more than the dancers in a few bars within Soi Cowboy. The Sahara does get busy on occasions but the main drawback is you’d better be cashed up as it costs 200 Baht for a beer. A lady drink will set you back 250 Baht.

The gogo dancers are masters of knowing who to put that extra bit of effort for when they are on the dance floor. Before you know it you’re sitting with two or more dancers buying drinks. I have seen this happen on more than a few occasions. It’s usually guys that have never been to a gogo bar before and they don’t know how to say… ‘No!’ when a pretty face asks for a drink.

The Coyote dancers can’t be barfined but the post-op ladyboys can. There are a couple of bargirls in black dresses just to add a bit of confusion . The barfine is 1000 baht… extreme care needs to be taken as you will find a few of the ladyboys don't look obvious… hey that's a dude!! Therefore make sure you’re sober if you plan on barfining one of the women in black.

The Sahara Go-Go Bar has a good set-list when it comes to music. Throw in a few Issan songs then most of the gogo dancers will really go wild.

If you're cashed up then the Sahara Go-Go Bar is worth a look. With what I have witnessed then you should have an enjoyable night out. The gogo dancers will get on your lap… therefore live a little.

Sahara Go-Go Bar … 7/10.