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Electric Blue Patpong

A trip tonight to Club Electric Blue situated in Patpong 2 this is one bar that when I usually pass there is normally a good crowd inside when other bars are quiet so that can mean 1 of 2 things the drinks a super cheap or they have a good group of dancers well they have a bit of both here with a draft beer at 80฿ in a large glass and the dancers do know how to grind to the music. (Now Closed).

Club Electric Blue Bar is a good size with an elevated dance floor in the middle which holds about 16 Dancers comfortably a large flat screen TV which had the football on is located over the top of the bar area. A Tiger Beer cost 160฿, they have a drinks menu that clearly shows all the drink prices which is a good thing.

Club Electric Blue Patpong

Club Electric Blue Patpong

The Coyote Dancers are dancing when I enter, one on a table nearby and it was pretty hard taking my eyes of her as she really knew how to strike an erotic pose whilst dancing, the guy next to me I just know is going to buy her a drink once she has finished her set, he's looking at her as if he has never experienced a gogo bar before. True to form once she's down off the table he gets her a drink, this guys in for some fun tonight as she really is a fine specimen of a woman.

There are about 14 dancers on stage and I would go with 12 of them so sh.t hot, that's a high percentage I have just come from the R & B Bar at Nana Plaza who had around 30 dancers and really it would be lucky if there where 4 that I would consider.

The Mamason came over and sat next to me… a slight erkiness went over me but she actually was pleasant enough, I asked about Barfine prices for the Coyote Dancers its 1200฿ and for the regular dancers its 600฿.

Unfortunately when I entered there where a few people smoking near the entrance so the first thing that hit me was cigarette smoke F….me usually I do a runner at this stage but at least there is no fat chicks on stage so in I went. There's plenty of space outside for customers too exit for 5 minutes and have a smoke. Once inside I didn't have any problems with cigarette smoke. So if you are a non-smoker then scan the area before taking your seat.

Club Electric Blue Patpong … 7/10. (Now Closed).