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Toy Bar Soi Cowboy

The Toy Bar can be intense! Once you get to know Soi Cowboy and are in the mood to let yourself loose for the night then the Toy Bar is a place that you can just leave all your morals at the door. Jump right into whatever you are comfortable with… let your hands go for a walk.

Buy a bargirl a drink at 110 Baht a pop and your night will be one that you will remember for a long time. Obviously the first time you attend you will be a bit hesitant. Once you frequent the Toy Bar on a few occasions you will know just how far you can go. I always like having a drink outside before venturing into any bar. If I had known then what goes on inside I would have been in there like a shot. At least I had a good view of the women out front of the Lucky Star Go-Go Bar.

Toy Bar Bangkok

The Toy Bar Soi Cowboy

Inside The Toy Bar

The Toy Bar’s a clone of Fanny's Bar, Moonshine Joint and Jungle Jim's as all have the same owner. There’re three women dancing and all look pretty good. The Coyote dancers were outside when I arrived. Which is good since a lady drink for them is 200 Baht… They don’t get as hands-on as the bargirls or the regular dancers.

An obese guy is seated by the bar with 2 of the dancers all over him. He has bought them a drink (lady drinks are 110 Baht). After about 10 min's of him butt grabbing they're gone. The drinks are finished and he hasn’t bought anymore. He looks a little confused as to why they left… HA HA. Just buy another drink then they will never leave you. Try only having one girl over at a time if you aren’t cashed up.

Now for the freak show. In walks and elderly man… he must be a regular as one of the dancers jumps down from the small stage and takes him to the far end of the bar. After a quick talk he orders drinks and she gets prepared with a towel and wet wipes. HA HA what's going on here? She then proceeds to give him a hand job right there and then. I'm glad he's got his back facing my direction.

I try keep on talking to the woman I'm having a drink with but it's a bit hard not looking over. After about 10 min's she wipes her hands with a wet wipe and she goes back up dancing. Now you would think that's it!.. But No… The women I'm having a drink with says ‘He No Cum….He No Cum’ HA HA HA. Now another dancer go’s over he buys a drink for her and then she proceeds to jerk him off! I'm thinking WTF.

She explains that he pays 500 Baht for this. They have a room for privacy upstairs which costs 200 Baht….GET A ROOM! He started moving like he's going to have a fit so that's my cue. I'm out of here FFS…. Really it's a bit off putting… Just pay the extra 200 Baht for a bit of privacy.

Normally when I go in to the Toy Bar and it’s busy. If someone is over at the end of the bar then I just leave. You can have a really good night out at the Toy Bar as the dancers will get on your lap. Your hands can go on free roam mode as will theirs. Just block out whatever else is happening within the bar. Which is easy to do when you have a hot woman all over you. You can also take control of the music being played. They have a wide selection to choose from.

Toy Bar Soi Cowboy … 7/10.