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Cockatoo Bar Soi Cowboy

A Friday night trip to Soi Cowboy and review the Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar. This will be the first and possibly the last time entering the unknown of a Ladyboy Bar. At least I will know what goes on in here. I am expecting it to be just the same as any regular bar… There is my first mistake…. Don't expect anything! I spend an hour sitting opposite in the Baccara Bar looking at what sort of people are frequenting a ladyboy bar. I found it mostly Japanese with a few weedy looking westerners that are going bald. I enter built like a brick shit-house! … Nah that's a joke … I might fit in here. I’m trying to beat around the bush as I saw some pretty sick stuff inside.

Cockatoo Soi Cowboy

Cockatoo Bar Ladyboys

Lets get to the nicety's first. If you want to barfine a ladyboy at the Cockatoo Bar it costs 600 Baht. At the Cockatoo Bar there are rooms upstairs that cost 400 Baht/hour. Beer and Whisky were 160 Baht and if you want to buy one of the fellah's a drink then its 140 Baht.

The Cockatoo Bar is quite narrow with an elevated dance floor in the middle which can fit about six humans on stage at one time The ladyboys aren't dancing much … if at all … They just hang onto the pole and move slightly.

As soon as you sit down two ladyboys on stage will really hone in on you wanting to get invited down for a drink. Of the six on stage four definitely have d.cks but the other 2 look like they have had the chop. Every time a ladyboy walks by they give you the eye and want to sit and talk.

Okay since I'm reviewing the bar I bite the bullet and get one of them down for a drink. This ended up being a good move since everyone has now backed off. Finally I can see what's going on in the Cockatoo Bar.  There are two western guys getting a lap dance which is pretty tame stuff or is it? Think of it, really it’s just some dude grinding away like there’s no tomorrow.

Now if you don't want to know what some sick pricks are up to don't read anymore.

Why not read the review of Cowboy 2 Go-Go Bar you will sleep better at night.

I look over at a Japanese guy in his 40's tongue kissing one of the ladyboys whilst he's got his finger up the rear end of another one… F…me he pulls his finger out and has a good laugh then he's back into it … what a sick prick. He could get a room! Whilst I'm there a group of three Japanese Guys around 30 yrs enter before you know it two are getting a lap dance but for some reason they've got their hand down the ladyboys bikini playing with their butt holes … sick f..ks. Ok I’m a big fan of the Walking Dead TV show, I can dream cant I?

Cockatoo Bar Soi Cowboy … 4/10.