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Bubbles Nana Plaza

Bubbles Go-Go Bar has new owners and is closed for renovations. Bubbles Go-Go Bar is situated on the top floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok, what a shock walking inside here, its got everything, there's a large shower cubicle with 2 girls dancing inside, and a bonus is the Jacuzzi, which also has a couple of dancers inside.

Bubbles Go-Go bar is large, designed well like a stadium surrounding the large dance floor which fits about 20 dancers comfortably. If you're into slim tall women then Bubbles Go-Go Bar has more than any bar in Nana Plaza.

Whiskey or a Beer both cost 160฿. If you want to barfine one of the women at Bubbles Go-Go Bar then it will cost you 600฿ and with the selection of Dancers here then someone should take your fancy and if you are staying at a Hotel In Soi 4 you might be only 30 Minutes away from have some real fun just don't drink too much then you might remember how the evening went.

I noticed a lot of people just come in have a drink then leave. I’m not sure what they want in a Go-Go Bar, maybe they're gay who knows it really was strange behavior, especially with the quality of the women here, why go anywhere else within Nana Plaza?

Bubbles Go-Go  Bar - Nana PlazaThe women running this place are very friendly and are good to talk too, not a hag to be found. I would like to come back, and see this place when it's packed, as I think it would be a blast especially with the chicks in the Jacuzzi, I’m pretty sure they would get right into it. While I was at Bubbles Go-Go Bar there were 2 girls wearing bikinis in the large shower cubical dancing the whole time, they where the best dancers and looked pretty good getting all wet from the shower.

Nana Plaza Bars are lagging behind Soi Cowboy at the minute and with Bada Bing Go-Go Bar Patpong doing so well the bars here need up their game, at least Bubbles is doing alright by their customers.

If you like Bubbles well stay there really I’m sure the people sticking their head in or just having one drink then leave are looking for the ladyboy bars and just got lost.

Bubbles Go-Go Bar 7/10. (Closed)