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Candy Land 2 | Nana Plaza

Candy Land 2 is situated on the middle Floor of Nana Plaza. When you enter the staff will greet you then take you to a seat. They have cheap drinks until 10 pm, everything is 120 Baht. Candy land 2 is well designed with a dance floor in the middle which can have 10 women up dancing at one time they have a section that rotates and fits 4 dancers on at once. Candy land 2 is modern with very good air circulation. (Candy Land 2 is Now Closed!)

Most the women are very pleasant to look at but there are a few overweight girls a lot of men are into chubby women therefore they shouldn't have much of a problem finding a good customer for the evening. You do get asked about picking a dancer to come over and have a drink, it’s all tame stuff so you don't in anyway feel pressured into have a lady come down and sit with you, they do it right here.

After about 20 min's all the dancers where instructed to take off their tops by the gay guy that's running the show, I must say he does a really good job looking after everyone. So tops off for about 10 min's at Candy Land 2, this is where the chubby chicks looked their best yes when topless, you wont be disappointed and if you're into big breasts then a trip to Soi Cowboy Lucky Star Go-Go Bar is a must. It’s a mystery where they get all those buxom dancers from.

If you want to barfine a dancer its 600 Baht and I'm sure if you're in that sort of mood then you should find someone to your liking here at Candy Land 2. Candy Land 2 is hard to fault if you want to just sit and watch the Dancers while having a drink.

If you're going to be a rowdy piss-pot then I don't think you would be very welcome here, do yourself and everyone else a favor and just head over to Spankys Go-Go Bar I'm starting to understand the demographic that Spankys is going after. If you like Candy Land 2 then also have a look at the Erotica  Go-Go Bar.

Candy Land 2 Go-Go Bar 5½/10.