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Jungle Jim's Soi Cowboy

A trip to Soi Cowboy Jungle Jim's Bar where you can sit and have a good view of The Dollhouse and the Midnite Go-Go Bars. Drinks are 120 Baht and lady drinks are 100 Baht for the bargirls & the regular dancers. The Coyote Dancers then it’s 200 Baht… just ask if you’re not sure who's who. If you do take a fancy to one of the women out front then buy them a drink and don't waste your time talking outside. Get them inside and see where it takes you. Jungle Jim's is a hands-on bar!

Inside is where the main action is. I’m not talking about getting a massage whilst you’re having a beer. You do need to be strong willed at times. As there are a few of the older women that do hang around for a drink whilst you’re trying to get to know someone that does interests you.

Jungle Jims Soi Cowboy

View from Jungle Jim’s outside bar

Inside Jungle Jim's Go-Go Bar

Jungle Jim's Go-Go Bar area is the same set up as Fannys Bar and Moonshine Joint a narrow bar with a small dance floor that usually has three dancers at a time on stage. On a good night some of the regular dancers are better than the Coyote version. Drink prices are the same as outside therefore buying a hot 23 year old a drink wont break the bank. I’ll say it again you can then get very hands-on here at Jungle Jim’s.

If you get too excited then you can have one of the bargirls relieve your tension in your pants for 500 Baht… HA HA Really! … Be aware though the more women you have around tugging your rope they will expect a tip! You might end up with a triple team tag team match. I don't see the attraction. The Coyote Dancers don't perform the hand relief its the regular bargirls that do the deed.

A barfine at Jungle Jim’s costs 500 Baht for the regular dancers and the bargirls. The Coyote dancers can be barfined but at a crazy 3000 Baht therefore no one in their right mind will. This price is only there as a deterrent as they don't want the Coyote dancers to leave the bar.

Jungle Jim's is a fun place to go it’s only the older woman dressed as bar staff that you have to worry about. Try and ignore them for 15 minutes then they will realize that you are not a sucker throwing your cash around at anyone. It can be of a pain sometimes as you try and have a conversation with a woman that you’re interested in but have one of the older woman basically begging for a drink.

Friday and Saturday nights can get very busy inside Jungle Jim's which does give the bar inside a good atmosphere. You wont be disappointed if you decide to hook up with one of the bargirls… especially if you are in party mode.

Jungle Jim’s Soi Cowboy … 6/10.