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Dundee Bar Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy Bangkok Dundee Go-Go Bar the land of the smokers! If you're a walking ash-tray then here is the place to go. You will be happy as the women like to come out front and light them up. I decided to have a drink in the outside bar before venturing into the gogo bar. Here I am just relaxing and having a beer watching a few bargirls who are just sitting around smoking. I am not getting hassled by anyone for a lady drink. They're more interested in their cigarettes!

Dundee Bar Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Dundee Gogo Dancer & Bargirls

Then from inside the bar comes a gogo dancer who looked about 27 and ready for a good time. She's straight over and asked for a drink. I flipped her and asked ‘do you have a husband / boyfriend?’  To my surprise she goes onto tell me she has a husband! … go on tell me more. A Singapore guy who comes and sees her every few months … HA HA … you got to love this sh.t!

She had a worried look on her face when I asked ‘does he know you work here?’… I bought her a lady drink which cost 200 Baht since she’s is talking so freely. She really didn’t appear to care much for this guy since he has left her here in Bangkok! She was more than interested in getting barfined for the night.

Inside Dundee Go-Go Bar

I ended going inside the Dundee Go-Go Bar area with my new friend. The bar is narrow and about the same size of Moonshine Joint, Toy Bar, Fanny's Bar and Jungle Jim's but it’s set up better. The positioning of the dance floor which only holds three dancers is good since when you are seated you look straight at the dancers … which is a bonus.

The bar staff are friendly enough and do like to chat with no pressure of buying them a drink. Drink prices are 130 Baht for a Beer. There are a few cool bargirls and gogo dancers inside. Just be aware that most are smokers!  I don't care how good they look … I'm just not interested in a walking ash-tray. A barfine is 600 Baht.

Dundee Bar Soi Cowboy … 5/10.