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Spankys Go-Go Bar Nana Plaza

Spankys gogo bar is the destination tonight which is located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok. Out front there will be a few girls who will more than likely hit you with a piece of foam tubing which makes a decent slapping sound as you walk-by. Tonight they are packed and there is a real atmosphere inside.

Spankys is a medium sized gogo bar with a long dance floor that holds around 20 dancers. There is comfortable bench seating encircling the dance floor ensuring that you have a good view no matter where you sit unless you want check out the action in the shower cubical then head to the LHS as you enter.

Spanky's Nana Plaza

Spanky’s middle floor of Nana Plaza

As I entered I was surprised to find 18 dancers topless on stage and all of a high standard some girls really knew how to put themselves in an erotic pose, I am fairly immune to this after reviewing so many bars but here I found myself on more than one occasion thinking look at that. The dancers on stage genuinely appeared to be having a good time in the spot light and with such a good DJ who kept the dancers entertained with his song selections and comments.

Spankys has a show that lasted for around 15 minutes the first 7 min's was very good the 2 dancers on stage looked so good very erotic with some cool music being played. Now to the second half of the show is where I'm critical and it should be changed. Luckily it only lasts 7 or 8 minutes then the gogo dancers are back on stage topless! Lets not forget about the dancer in the shower who is a fine specimen of a woman and worth getting a seat nearby.

The drink staff where very friendly enough and drinks were around 160 Baht. Spankys gogo bar has a very nice selection of gogo dancers plus the atmosphere on most nights has a party feel. Spankys is a tourist friendly gogo bar which makes for a must see bar within Nana Plaza.

Spankys Go-Go Bar … 7½/10.