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Soi 4 Flooded Nana Plaza

Getting of the Skytrain at BTS Nana Rain Rain and more Rain. Looking down at Sukhumvit Road its starting to flood of coarse I'm going to get soaked getting to Soi 4. Onething I was amazed when having to duck undercover during a heavy downpour was all the cockroaches coming out of trees along Sukhumvit road.

Some street venders were squashing them and just leave there splattered body's along the footpath.

Note: This was written around 2014 when I couldn’t give a sh.t. It’s just a draft.

Sukhumvit Road near Nana BTS

Turning into Sukhumvit Soi 4 I’m greeted with the makings of a river BigDogs Bar and the Golden Bar are both busy.

Soi 4 Nana - Bangkok

Time to Eat Thai Style

Soi 4 Nana food - Bangkok

I know everyone's got to eat but the pickings are pretty slim because of the weather, but lets be real its the last thing I want is to barfine a woman with a full stomach, after eating this the only thing on her mind will be a trip to the bathroom.

With the amount of chili I witnessed her pile on there's no stopping this brewing in her gut. So come on ladies have a light snack before work.

After a few hundred meters walking up Soi 4 I'm trapped by the flooding what to do take off shoes and get wet feet or do a u-turn ……option 2 will do.

Soi 4 Nana flooded - Bangkok

The walk back down towards Nana Plaza the girls out the front of the massage shops are trying hard to get people inside. A Thai massage is good for 300฿ an hour. I like to let them know that's all I want before I go in. If not then it’s 20 questions. ‘You have girlfriend ?’ No……'you have wife ?’ No ….‘You want me make you cum 1000฿ ?’ No……. ‘I think it good for you feel better’ No I've already had fun today. Ok who wants to go through that.

Here I am sitting at K&S Bar looking at the guys sitting at Nana Hotel Bar no girls to play with just a couple of western women with there partners at least go have a massage get loosened up for the night ahead you might have more fun that way.

What Goes In Must Come Out - K&S Bar Soi 4 Nana Bangkok

The guy bellow is the winner of Soi 4 he's got the best looking girl in the bar having a beer whilst she tucks into a Noodle soup at least he knows what's she's eating so he can plan the night around her toilet activity's, don't worry after a trip to the bathroom she will come out smelling of baby powder and that's the green light for some fun. She wont be thinking what's brewing in her stomach, its already traveling underneath Soi 4.

K&S Bar Soi 4 Nana - Bangkok

There are only about 4 girls in the bar and none rock my boat. It is still enjoyable being able to sit back and have a beer watching the comings and goings in Soi 4 with the weather the way it is. People seem stuck. Not a bad place to be stuck.