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Instagram Southeast Asia Nightlife



Bargirl Patpong Bangkok

Strolling through Patpong Night Market I turned into one of the small lanes only to be called by a girl sitting on a stool at SuperStar Bar next to their Go-Go Bar … take my picture! … Okay why not … Then I got the usual “where you go?” She wanted me come over for a drink but I said only if you will answer my questions. I let her know I had no intention barfining anyone. She was cool about that. She became a more natural person since didn't have to work! No games just relax and talk.

Bargirl Interview

No have No have !!!!

Yes boy. Him is 10.

Him is Thai but I no see 3 years no contact

My mum I stay with my sister in Bangkok

Udon you know where it is?

Yes I do. So how long have you worked here?

7 months

500 Baht bar fine…..short time 2000 Baht all night 3000 Baht but I not do all night because I have job in morning

I sell t-shirts at market

About 5000 Baht a month

6000 Baht a month and what I get when go with customer

She's thinking now…… you mean every week?

Every month … 10! Only short time (so adding that up is 31000 Baht a month with job in the morning)

I look after, have shower make customer happy but after he cum I go, is for short time :)

Yes I need look after myself

(she doesn't know where I am going with this HA HA)

About that big … HA HA HA HA. Looking at bottle neck which is about 4 inches. She then proceeds to show sizes with her hand.Thai man looked about 5 inches. Western looked about 6 inches HA HA HA.

Save then buy.

No No no one I not that lucky she starts pray. My friend have she now stay home wait him come back.

You go with me short time?

For you I go long time (big smile) … HA HA Sh.t Hot!

Bargirl Gold

Good luck to her as she has plenty of gold on show. None of the other women had any on display. With her personality I can see why she would be high demand. She comes across not hardened like some other bargirls I have come across.