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Obsession Nana Plaza

As you enter Nana Plaza Bangkok just walk straight to the far end and you will find the Obsession ladyboy bar located on the ground floor. This place is busy. Luckily Obsession is large enough to handle a crowd with a large squarish dance floor in the middle and comfortable bench seats with a good view of all the action inside. There’re 12 ladyboys on the dance floor a couple are putting a bit of effort into dancing but the rest are just eyeing of any new customer or anyone who makes eye contact adding to that there were around 6 ladyboys walking around asking if they could sit and have a chat its all tame stuff not full on like the Temptations Ladyboy Bar.

Obsession Nana Plaza

Obsession Ladyboy Bar | Nana Plaza

I spent around 5 minutes saying no this time just to see what would happen and was really surprised that I was left alone, no one seemed peeved off which I think would have been the opposite at some other bars.

Now I can sit back and see what is going on, one thing I noticed is there are more than few ladyboys here that I thought nah that's a chick. It was only when you really stare and I'm not talking about the face that you think there could be a sack of marbles tucked up there somewhere, even when I got asked if they could sit and have a chat, some have got the voice down pat.

The music is good at True Obsession and they obviously have a good DJ with nice song selections and the volume set to a good level another plus is the bar staff who are very good which helps give this place a good vibe.

A whiskey cost 160 Baht, beer 155 Baht, lady drink 160 Baht and if you plan on taking one of the chicks I mean ladyboys out of the bar then that will set you back 700 Baht.

If a visit to a ladyboy bar is on your agenda when at Bangkok’s Nana Plaza then Obsession is well worth a look.

Obsession Nana Plaza … 7/10.