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Mandarin Pattaya

Mandarin PattayaThe Mandarin Agogo Pattaya is located within Walking Street. With Chinese lanterns and a red/gold color scheme out front this is one bar that is easy to find. The Mandarin is a medium sized gogo bar with single bench seats against both walls.

Stools surround the long dance floor for anyone who is brave enough to get up close and personnel.

A draught beer is 80฿ and a standard lady drink is 150฿. Looking at the women on the dance they all appear under 25 and a couple are topless which makes for some interesting viewing as you wait for your drink. Now Closed!

Some of the dancers are a bit buxom, are they real? Sh.t yeah the ones I checked out were. The majority of women here at the Mandarin Agogo aren't shy and are more than happy to sit on your lap if you’re up for a good time.

Mandarin Agogo PattayaIf you’re into tattoos well I saw two dancers with some of the best tattoos I have seen, especially on such hot bodies. The dancers are wearing bikinis tonight and all look very appealing to the eye. To distinguish between the coyote and the regular dancers the coyote wear wrist bands.

Now being a sucker for a good tattoo I had a couple of drinks with my new tattooed friend and of course she has a wrist band on (bummer). She looks sh.t hot.

At one stage during the night all the dancers got off the stage and four new girls got on wearing bikinis and by the end of the song they were topless. Two of the dancers were impressive it really was hard to take your eye of them. By the end of the second song they were naked, now no f.ckers taking their eyes of them…. Impressive.

I asked my new friend about the barfine structure here: 1500฿ for Coyote and 1000฿ for everyone else. I tried the ‘pity you’re a coyote as 1500฿ is a bit steep’ routine. She surprised me when she said ‘if I wait until midnight then the Coyotes drop to 1000฿’. Talk about keen. Looking at some of the dancers here you might as well take 2, be a hero for the night.

The Mandarin Bar is tourist friendly, you can just sit back and relax and you wont get pestered by anyone. The music's good not too loud plus there were no dud songs for the dancers. If you’re up for a good time then the women wont disappoint.

Also check out Happy Agogo and the Baccara Agogo Pattaya.

Mandarin Pattaya … 6½/10.