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Windmill Club Pattaya

The Windmill Club Pattaya is located just a short walk within Soi Diamond which runs off Walking Street. Look up and follow the signs as it will be well worth a visit. The Windmill Club Is set over 2 levels. You might not realize this on your first visit since the action that greets you when you enter is definitely eye opening. I would say your eyes wouldn't even notice the stairs on the LHS to the 2nd floor.

Taking center stage is a narrow dance floor with 6 attractive go-go dancers hanging onto their chrome poles. You may just glance at them then focus on the 2 hot naked women having some fun on a mattress at the end of the dance floor.

Windmill Bar Pattaya

Windmill Club Pattaya (sign)

I took a seat near-by then noticed another mattress on a small dance floor on the LHS where 2 chicks were really getting into some fun as a couple of customers were in full Party Mode. What I saw was very hands-on. If you are up for some real adult entertainment rather than just watching gogo dancers on stage then the Windmill Club Agogo Bar is a must visit bar.

By the back wall on the RHS this is where they have a shower with 2 or 3 naked chicks having a good time in the tub. You can sit around the shower area where the women will get right into just about anything you desire, don't be shy. At the Windmill Club they have comfortable bench seats where you can sit back and watch the action if that's what you’re into.

I couldn’t imagine many first timers getting right into the thick of things with the women on the mattresses. This is where the gogo dancers come into play. Just get one of them over for a drink (160฿) and they will be on your lap in no time. I better mention that they’re wearing a mini-skirt and a white shirt, nothing else. Therefore you just got to have a good time.

I walked out of the Windmill Club thinking this is sh.t hot!! It wasn’t until the next day when I was having a drink within the G-Spot gogo bar that I asked a guy what his favorite bars were in Pattaya? He said the 2nd floor of the Windmill Cub….. FFS what? I had such a good time on the ground floor that I didn’t even notice those stairs.

Back I go and found the ground floor packed with plenty going on. I headed up to the top floor which has a more relaxed atmosphere, although the action is just as is heavy. The setup is the same except there is no shower. The main dance floor has 5 hot dancers having a good time. There is a mattresses at one end of the dance floor with the customary 2 naked chicks having some fun.

There are 2 more spots that have a couple of naked women on a mattress. I took a seat nearby one of the mattresses and once I ordered my drink (draught beer 80฿) one of the women invited me over for a bit of fun. I declined but a couple of minutes later the Japanese guy next to me dived straight in for a good feel. He clearly enjoyed himself and for a 100฿ it looked well worth it.

I can see the attraction with the top floor as it does feel a little bit more private and if you come in a group then I think its best to head on upstairs. At the Windmill Club the music is good as are the gogo dancers making this a must see bar on any trip to Pattaya. If you are planning on barfining one of the women then the cost is the same as at their sister bar Sugarbaby Agogo Bar.

Windmill Club Pattaya … 7½/10.