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Tilac & Spankys on Top

The first column, all this will evolve into something over time who knows what direction but today its short and sweet and first up is Soi Cowboy.

The Tilac Bar is the pick of the bars at Soi Cowboy with such a good group of Coyote dancers and a well run bar I headed in for just one drink around midnight but the women were so good on stage that I didn't leave until 2 am. If you're up for a challenge they get a few western women inside having a drink I wouldn't think it would be that hard to pick them up, they have needs to so give it a go.

The Tilac Bar don’t have any dancers standing out front and they can fill the place were as a few bars with some mighty fine looking dancers standing out front struggle to get a crowd.

Kiss gogo bar dancers Soi Cowboy

Kiss go-go bar Soi Cowboy

If you were up for some action then opposite the Tilac Bar is the Toy Bar who had a few bigger dancers but fit working Saturday night the one on the right was so firm if you are wondering how I knew that then you haven't read my best hands-on bars page which is required reading if you have never been to Soi Cowboy, at least you will know what to expect.

As you can see by the pictures I have upgraded to using a Camera instead of a mobile phone which really does take some grainy shots it might take a few weeks to learn the best settings as the lighting is so different at the three main Nightlife areas.

Now to Nana Plaza and Soi 4 really the biggest thing happening for me is the soon to be open Hooters which is located in the old Golden Bar spot next to the Nana Hotel. It will be interesting when they open to see if the Hookers (freelancers) will be still hanging around out front. I got lucky whilst passing as a couple of Hooters babes were there to have a few pics taken.

Hooters Nana Plaza

Hooters Nana Soi 4

The Equality Nightclub is open until 5am and talking with one of the women (ladyboy) handing out flyers that around 2 am is the bustiest time which is understandable as quite a few people have had there fill of the gogo bars for the night.

Now to the DC10 bar (ladyboy bar) located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza which I have just reviewed I witnessed the same thing whilst I was inside the ladyboys dragging an unsuspecting passer by inside, they pick their victims well usually Japanese in a group they only need drag one in the rest follow to try and save the poor guy but as you can see by the pic it is all in good fun and really there is not that much of a struggle.

The best bar at Nana Plaza just now is Spankys gogo bar with a good group of dancers with the right attitude therefore you should have a good night out if you spend some time inside.

DC 10 Nana Plaza

DC10 Bar - Nana Plaza

Next week I will have a look at Patpong which can be a prick to get some decent pictures.