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What is the future of Escort booking in Asia?

The sudden closure of in April has brought shockwave's through the Escorting world. Closed by the FBI for a number of different reasons. Backpage (and its escort specific platform, cracker) was by far the biggest Escort booking platform in the world. Not only was it huge across the USA and Europe, but in Asia Backpage was the site for escorts and clients to find each other.

There are is shortage of sites vying for that top spots as the world’s premier Escort booking platform, google ‘Bangkok Escorts’ and you’ll see pages and pages of large directories. Despite each claiming to be the next big Escort Hub, when you take away the flash designs you are ultimately left with the same basic directories that have existed since the internet began.

Smooci Escorts On Demand

Smooci Escorts On Demand

A rare exception to this would be Smooci kind of came out of nowhere in early 2017 and made a huge impact on the Bangkok scene. Claiming to be “the future of Escort booking” it certainly does a few things differently and brings a whole new experience to booking an Escort.

The Smooci site is very simple, it’s basically a white page with a “search here” button. Users click the button, put in their search request and are given a large selection of Escorts who are available to book “live”. The Escorts are a mix of agency girls and freelancers. The prices are much cheaper than what most agencies are charging (not sure how they get the agency girls lower).

From what I understand the Escorts have an app and show their live availability, and when clients make a booking it goes direct to the app and the Escort must accept or reject the booking within 5 minutes. The client also gets sent a GPS link when the Escort is on her way to the hotel, allowing the client to track his date like he would a pizza or an Uber taxi.

For me the most impressive thing is the ratings and comments: this is where Smooci really has a jump on the competition. The thing that annoys me more than anything are the comments you see on agency sites and directories, most of which are obviously fake, usually written by the escort herself. As Smooci tracks the escorts and can confirm a booking actually went ahead before allowing the client to give his review. It means all the comments are genuine and unedited, which makes for some very eye-opening reading!

Smooci Escorts On Demand

Smooci Escort Bangkok

The one complaint I would have about Smooci is that they just don’t expand, not even to Pattaya. For over a year they have been solely based in Bangkok, despite their popularity. However, that seems to be finally changing, having recently done a soft launch in Singapore and announcing larger launches in Manila and Hong Kong this month (May 2018). I can see Smooci growing a strong following in Asia pretty quickly.

Whereas Backpage had a “take the money and look the other way” approach to escort ads. Smooci seems to be taking a more ethical approach, focusing not just on the technology, but using that tech to create a more informed and safer service for everyone. I’m not sure if Smooci will be the future of Escort booking worldwide (Europe and the USA are such hard markets to break), but I think they are going to be the one everyone talks about in Asia … Very soon!

Smooci Bangkok

See Smooci Escorts that are available ... Now!

On Sunday Night here I’m cruising down Soi Cowboy when I come across this vision of loveliness (below image) that you would fly halfway around the world to see. Fanny's Bar what are you thinking having an over 40’s gogo dancer (Fucking HA HA) standing out front being the poster girl for the bar? The fishnet stockings are a real winner. That’ll get a guys juices flowing and piling into the bar. Even if they’re short of staff you’d think management would let them know not to venture outside. The image below is taken from video. As I was passing the Spice Girls I had moved to the left so I could line up Suzie Wongs when I spotted her out front Fanny's Bar. All I was thinking is Fuck No! Now I have to edit the footage as I ain't leaving that in.

In one of the articles last year it was aptly named “Bang a Granny.” Looking back on it if I had the choice I’d do the granny. I don’t know what is happening at Fanny’s Bar if this is the talent on show. Fanny's Bar at times can really light up with several sexy women that are well worth hanging with. Women like this can scrub up okay, just put them in a dress and a decent push up bra. Some guy will get sucked in by those breasts. He’ll get pissed then by the time he gets to see what is under that dress he’s already back at his hotel ready to drop a load. The pickings will be thin with all her assets on show … Therefore cover up!

Soi Cowboy Fannys Bar Dancer

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

There is a new video of The Dollhouse on this websites YouTube Channel. Shot just a few weeks ago it is well worth a look for anyone who has never been to a Bangkok gogo bar ... The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy | Bangkok 2018.

If anyone is after a Ping-Pong show then the Luck Star is the place to be. Their bargirls out front are touting that they have a show inside. I haven’t been inside to check it out as yet. The first time I every saw a ping-pong show it was and is so lame! I spotted a couple of ladyboys at the Five Star Bar after not seeing any for several weeks. I was stopped out front the Midnite Bar by one of the bigger dancers. She’s had a big night. There she is standing in the middle of Soi Cowboy with 2 x 1000 Baht notes in her stockings. I can see why as she is a full figured woman (26 yrs) that you’d definitely want her on your lap destroying your groin. She seemed rather proud when I pointed at her cash. I never see the younger skinny dancers with that much cash on show. She must be something special therefore I should let her take me for a spin one night. I’d be a sh.t customer as although I’d buy her a drink ... No f.cker's getting a Tip!

Bangkok has been having some good rain of late. This has stopped me going out a couple of nights this week. Tuesday Night I hit Patpong and as soon as I arrived it started to drizzle. I noticed Radio City had closed. Here’s is another bar that should have done something with this website. I was a fan of the bargirls/freelancers they had working inside. Some were very down to earth women that would have been good to take away from the bar early and go out and explore Bangkok.

For some reason they just went it alone with their own Social Media campaign that was doomed to fail. It’s like searching for anything. You don’t go to a businesses website to make a final decision on a product. “The Best Bar in Bangkok!’’ Bullshit! ... No you’re not. HA HA. The majority of sane people read independent articles. This is why most of the bars social media campaigns are a failure ... Just take ... Nah I’ll leave that alone. It’s not all bad as a small percentage do succeed and what I have noticed they aren’t Bangkok Bars. It’s strange that in Bangkok that more than a few fuglys make it into a bars social media pages. I don’t notice that with the Pattaya Social Media pages.

Kiss Bar Patpong

Kiss Bar Patpong

A couple of dancers at the Kiss Bar Patpong were up for their photo being taken. You can see them both starring down the barrel on the Kiss Bar review page. They were both keen for me to head inside for drink but unfortunately for them I’m not into having a drink with the under 23 yrs brigade. The Kiss Bar is well worth a look on a Friday/Saturday night as the do have a wide range of dancers that are eager to please.

“If you can’t Rock Me then Nobody Can!” That’s what I thought when I hit Kings Castle 2, these women don’t disappoint. I’m guessing if you just went inside to sit and watch the dancers that you’d still have a good time. It’s not until you decide to interact with the dancers that you realize how good Kings Castle 2 is. When you are ready to let loose then this one Bangkok bar that you are glad you have landed in. The Thigh Bar has been a bit quiet of late. I have noticed lately that a few dancers are a bit bigger than most the other gogo bars within Patpong. I haven’t been inside in a while therefore I’m not sure why they aren’t getting a crowd.

At Nana Plaza the Nana Beer Garden has been taking shape during the week. You can tell by the image below there has been a bit of thought put into the overall design. Once the Nana Beer Garden is up and running then we’ll get to see the overall finished product with the roof installed. I’m sure it’s going to be a positive for all the bars within Nana Plaza. More importantly though is for the tourist who on first impression will surely be impressed.

Nana Plaza Bangkok 2018

The Nana Beer Garden installation

The gogo bars that I had a look at whilst at Nana Plaza were all lively. Diamonds Bangkok, Billboard, Twister Bar, Butterflies, Spanky’s, Bangkok Bunnies, Obsession (ladyboy bar), Playskool and lets throw in a beer bar … The Tiki Bar which has had plenty of decent bargirls of late. Any bar that was rocking and I missed them, well I can’t comment unless I go inside.

Since over the past week I have finally got a taste for Durian, lets have a look at the prices. Away from the tourist areas I have found you can get a piece the size of a small woman's hand for around 100 Baht. Within Soi 4 and along Sukhumvit Road expect to pay between 150 and 220 Baht. The most expensive durian I found was along Silom Road near Patpong, where the price really jumps. Now you need to fork out between 350 and 450 Baht. I watch on as tourists paid that for a piece of Durian.

I have found Nana Soi 4 to be busy of late. You will see plenty of “freelancers” as you wonder up and down Soi 4. I have been surprised by some women that are infact working as a  freelancer. Well atleast you know they’re up for a Bang!