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Do Me!

I am getting a bit backed up with promises made to bargirls, gogo dancers and ladyboys. If someone is forth coming with anything that interests me then I’ll have a drink with them there and then. More often than not though I’m in a hurry to get to my next destination therefore I just say ‘I’ll have a drink with you next time I'm here. They dont forget! I can have a drink comfortably with a woman anytime but ladyboys is another story. At Patpong the ladyboys at King’s Garden next to King’s Corner 2 are easy to plus they possess a wealth of information. One ladyboy in particular likes to come over for a chat whenever they see me. If you frequent Patpong on a regular basis then it’s best to stay on the good side of the bargirls and ladyboys if they make advances in your direction. This particular ladyboy has been my buddy HA HA for the past couple of weeks. It’s a positive as it does put everyone at ease when they see me rip out my camera whilst we are chatting. Even the older bargirls are busting to have their picture taken … Fuck! Like I said it’s best to stay on their good side and play along. Yeah you’re friggin hot! … Lets take a snap….

The whole article can be found inBangkok Bars Volume 3”. The Series is available via the links below.

Bangkok Bars Vol 1


Volume 3