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Twister BKK Chicks

Your perspective will change about any gogo bar when you are on a mission to barfine one of the dancers. You don’t want to pull the trigger with a dud! You want to see her personality shine through before even thinking about buying her a drink. Take Billboard for example, on the carousel you’ll most likely see loads of hot women but you’ll most likely need to buy a lady drink just to find out if she’s worth barfining. Now look over at the Jacuzzi … Within minutes you’ll be hooked on more than one of the dancers. Their personality's will definitely shine through. The odds are she’ll take that to the bedroom. Twister BKK is a different beast, just sit back and watch the women on the dance floor. Before long you’ll know who to ask over for a drink. I’m sure if you choose correctly some of these women will blow your mind. Don’t get pissed!

Twister BKK Nana Plaza

Twister BKK Gogo Dancers.

The Dollhouse pulls this off as well. It wont take too long before you will know who will be sitting on your lap. Another good Soi Cowboy bar is Rawhide where you don’t even need go inside to get hooked on one of the dancers. Hang around near the entrance and out she’ll pop. Take her back inside for a drink just to make sure. Keep it cool then you should be in for one hell of a ride. At Patpong you have more than a few options when it comes to barfining dancers. Kings Castle 2 or Glamour are both worth checking out first. Frig you can find a hidden gem in almost any bar. The best of the rest are Bada Bing, Kings Corner, Kiss Bar, Superstar, Pink Panther and the Thigh Bar. As you can see in my opinion … At Patpong you do get a decent bang for your buck.

For tourists though Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nana all have more of a carnival/party atmosphere than Patpong. This explains why they’re so popular with tourists and expats. At Soi Cowboy you get the best of both worlds. You can sit back and relax in the glow of all the neon lights at one of the outside patio bars (The Dollhouse) or head inside and see where the night takes you. One drawback with the new roof at Nana Plaza is it does appear a couple degrees warmer when you first venture inside. Just enter one of the gogo bars and the problem is solved. Therefore who gives a sh.t!

Sukhumvit Road. Nana to Asok.

Sukhumvit Rd footpath works.

One big downside for Sukhumvit in general right now is all the works along the footpaths between Nana and Asok. I can see the end in sight. I’m sure thought it must have pissed off more than a few tourist on a first trip to Thailand. Out front the Ruamchitt Hotel you will find a herd of freelancers which mainly consist of Ladyboys. Well there is always one retard in a group that size. A blonde headed ladyboy made a bee line for a Japanese guy taking a few pictures with his mobile phone. It yelled “What you want picture for?” Dumb Question! Who the is it to ask that question. It was off to the side and not even in his phones field of view. The dumbest thing it said was “You can’t take photos of lady's working”. HA HA. Mmmm … You’re a guy dressed like a woman!

I talk with more than a few ladyboys and treat them with respect and call them she. Once their balls drop it’s either he, him or it!