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Sugarbaby Pattaya

Sugarbaby GoGo Bar is located within Walking Street Pattaya. Sugarbaby is a medium sized modern bar with tiered comfortable bench seats. When you first enter you will be hit by a cool atmosphere within the bar. You just know this is going to be good. There is a long narrow dance floor that takes center stage with 8 attractive dancers in short skirts with white tops and nothing else makes sitting around the dance floor a good Idea.

Sugarbaby GoGo Dancers

At the end of the dance floor this is where it gets interesting as there is a mattress with three naked women engaging in some erotic lesbian action that every guy likes.

Just off to the right is another small stage with two naked dancers one on all fours and the other simulating sex from behind. From my angle it looked very erotic.

In the back LHS corner is a Shower where you can sit around and watch two or three naked woman have some fun.

Here at Sugarbaby's it’s not all about sitting back and watching. Sit around one of the dance floors or shower area and you will find the women are up for plenty of hands-on fun. Just don’t be shy or you will be missing out.

I took a seat away from the dance floor just to get a feel for the bar, which had a real party atmosphere. You really do get a good show watching the girls on the mattresses. You will be amazed what transpires between the dancers and customers.

Now to the gogo dancers who are well worth calling over for a drink or two. Before you know it they will be straddled on your lap. As you can see by the picture that they have forgotten to wear a couple of items of clothing.

This is a real hands-on bar and with chicks this hot then you really do get the WOW factor. Could this be Thailand's best gogo bar? You will be hard pressed to find hands-on action like this but find it you will. Luckily Sugarbaby Agogo has a sister bar that is just a short walk inside Soi Diamond the Windmill Club.

If you’re into tattoos on dancers then I did notice a couple of dancers with some pretty impressive back tattoos. With Sugarbaby’s location within Walking Street they do get a good crowd inside and with a bar this good then there will be plenty of repeat customers. How can they stay away?

Now usually when I review a bar I talk about the music being played and if it is too loud. Well here I have no idea? There must have been music playing as the girls where dancing. Really who cares the action through out this bar meant I took no notice of the music. Which just goes to show how good Sugarbaby Agogo Bar is.

Sugarbaby Pattaya

With draught beer priced at 85฿ and a lady drink 160฿ then you can have a cheap night out hanging out with some pretty hot chicks. If you want to take one of the women out from the bar then the barfine structure is: short-time is 1000฿, long time is 2000฿. Also have a look at the Wildcats Agogo and Happy Agogo.

Sugarbaby Agogo Bar Pattaya … 8½/10.