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Straps Go-Go Bar Nana Plaza

A small but busy bar at Nana Plaza Bangkok is Straps Go-Go Bar just head up the stairs next to the Suckers Bar and turn left. Now more than likely you will walk right into a group of dancers standing out front. You could be a little confused depending the group, are these women or ladyboys?

If you stand over by Spanky’s Bar you can see inside at the gogo dancers who are usually topless and from that short distance they look all women. It’s only when you commit yourself to go inside that you will be able to spot for yourself that yes they are in fact ladyboys so don't be shy, go in for one drink HA HA.

Straps Bangkok

Straps Ladyboy Gogo Dancers

I have tried a few times around 11 pm on a Friday and Saturday nights to go inside but Straps has been full. Luckily tonight there is a seat left, so in I go. As I enter 2 guys are exiting and they tell don't go in as they’re mainly ladyboys… Yeah I wonder how many drinks they had inside before figuring that out?

I couldn't get a straight answer if they have regular women here as well as ladyboys? Once a ladyboy has had the chop and the balls thrown in the trash then in their mind they’re a woman.

There is a narrow dance floor on the LHS as you enter and two levels of bench seats on the RHS. There are 8 dancers on stage and several out front as I entered. Straps is small but popular so it did feel a bit cramped inside. I usually get someone over for a drink but it was so busy that there was no place for them to sit, unless it was on my lap FFS and that wasn't going to happen.

Once inside Straps Go-Go Bar you will notice it does have a good feel and the interaction with the dancers and customers is tame for a ladyboy bar. Everyone genuinely seemed to be having a good time, the music wasn't too loud plus the staff are all friendly enough.

Unfortunately the waitresses were so busy whilst I was there tonight that I didn't have a chance get to ask, how much is a barfine? I was more interested in trying to find out if a few of the dancers were actually women.  A whiskey cost 160฿.

Straps Nana Plaza … 6/10.