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Shark Bar Patpong

The Shark Bar is located at the entrance to the Patpong Night Market via Surawong Road. This a first for me as every gogo bar that I have reviewed always had some customers inside. Not the Shark Bar … Zero! You might be thinking I’m here too early but no it is approaching 11 pm. A bar has to have someone inside unless they have a flaw in their business model. I know what it is and am surprised they have brought it to Patpong. To put it all into perspective I went and checked on other bars within Soi 1. The Kiss Bar has 8 customers and Kings Corner has around 20. Kings Castle 1 is so packed that I wouldn’t be able to get a seat. At Kings Castle 2 the dancers look so hot in their bikini’s that you don’t have much room for your imagination. Of course they are around 80% full. Now Closed!

Shark Bar Patpong

Shark Bar Patpong | Rear Entrance

Look at what the Shark Bar dancers are wearing. me! This is Patpong! How many layers are these women wearing under those unattractive black nappy's/pants. I did get up close to these women and could see nothing. She had layers. If you can’t see the outline of a bit of snatch, piss flaps or for the English, camel toe. Then why go in? This will be one reason why they didn’t even have 1 customer.

Take a look at the ad for Butterflies Gogo Bar at Nana Plaza. I took that image a week earlier and this is what you expect to see at a gogo bar. Not the layered gear they wear at the Shark Bar Patpong.

Other bars do wear this get up but at least you can see every bump and crevice when you’re up close and personnel.

Another reason the bar may not of had a customer is the design of the bar that for me is a traditional shocker. Every time I walk into a bar with this design … I’m irked!

I call it the Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar template. Have a long narrow dance floor with bench seats against either wall left and right. With this design you’ve got nowhere to hide if you want to have a bit of fun with any of the women. You get someone on your lap then the people opposite can sit back and watch the show. You can have this style if the bench seats are tiered then you do get a bit of cover.

Here's a positive for the bar and that is the outside seating. You would think this is a good spot to sit. As you can see by the picture below that there is no one! I wonder why?

Okay here is why. Lets start a bar and for fun of it make the drink prices 20 Baht more than the vast majority of bars and expect people to stop for a drink. Here at Patpong you have a couple of gogo bars that are up there with the best in Bangkok not just Patpong and they charge 150 Baht for a Tiger Light. Also there is no draught beer which you can get at a few bars for around 80 Baht.

Shark Bar Patpong

The Shark Bar | Patpong

It’s early days and with any gogo bar they can turn it around with a few changes. Although they are stuck with the design of the bar. Other open aired bars within Patpong have or are close to the sounds of a live band. This makes the Shark Bar a hard sell as here you mainly hear the traffic. They would need to drop their drink prices considerably for anyone wanting to take a seat. What they have done in regard renovations is to a high standard making it more disappointing that they didn’t put more thought into the design of the bar.

I find it hard to believe anyone running a gogo bar that sees dancers turn up wearing layers doesn’t say “Hold on! You’re not getting on stage like that”. Mmm guess what the are supposed to be selling? So don’t hide it!

Shark Bar Patpong … 2/10. Now Closed!