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Rainbow 3 | Nana Plaza

Located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza Rainbow 3 Go-Go Bar is one of four Rainbow Bars. When I entered I could see that this is the oldest and roughest of the Rainbow Bars the clientele must be coming over from Spankys Go-Go Bar since they are so close.

Inside they have a long elevated dance floor which will hold 20 dancers, when I entered there were 14 on stage and everyone looked better than the women at the now gone Spellbound Go-Go Bar where I had just spent sometime. I get a beer which is 155฿, It’s a Thursday night and Rainbow 3 is packed with mainly westerners not like Rainbow 2 which was mostly Japanese customers.

Rainbow 3 Nana Plaza

Rainbow 3 GoGo Dancers

The women are dancing ok on stage but later when they had 20 up dancing it was too cramped for anything special to happen on stage. There are several very attractive women dancing that will try keep eye contact with you if they see that you are in anyway interested. You can smoke inside but I did notice that most people do the right thing and don't but you do get the odd person smoking its not as bad as Electric Blue at Patpong where at times can be like a smokers den.

If you want to barfine one of the dancers then it will cost 600฿. The guy next to me has barfined a girl but is making a fatal mistake since he's already slightly drunk and when she comes back dressed in her street clothes instead of getting her out of there he decides to continue drinking at Rainbow 3. Therefore when any of her friends is on a break they were coming over so he was buying drinks for them as well. When I left he was well and truly pissed and I bet that he slept well back in his motel.

The music at Rainbow 3 is way too loud to have a decent conversation but who cares if you want company for the night get in have a look and if someone gets you going then barfine her and get out, don't hang around like the other guy did.

The drink staff are all good and will ask you if you want to get any of the dancers down for a chat. Rainbow 3 is a good choice if you are here with a group as you can stand and drink without looking out of place. Check out Rainbow 5.

Rainbow 3 Nana Plaza … 6/10.