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R&B Bar | Nana Plaza

The name R & B Bar might be new to Bangkok's Nana Plaza but in reality it’s is just a re-branding of Rainbow 4 after the problems they had in late 2015, being closed for several weeks you would have thought they would have used this time to give the place a bit of a make over inside but not a baht spent, the outside has had a change now it flows around the corner to their sister bar A Fairy Bar. Now Closed.

R & B Bar -  Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza middle floor

When you enter you will notice two dance floors with around 16 dancers on each but the one on the left the dancers are topless so I take a seat nearby the waitress is right on me and she quickly shows a menu that says Tiger Beer 160฿ so I order a Tiger Light and whilst waiting I look around at the clientele and I would say for tonight anyway they would be 80% Japanese. My drink arrives I always check the bill straight away and notice its in pen and says 175฿ so I call her over and she flashes the menu and points to San Miguel Light 175฿ well that isn't a Tiger Light and the only mention of Tiger Beer is in the cheaper section anyway I didn't really give a sh.t as this was a hit and run mission since I have now looked up at the women topless.

FFS not good, some are well into their 30’s therefore two or more kids, I'm thinking how can these guys hack it over on this side? There were two that where passably for being topless at a gogo bar really most should get their clothes on and head out and work in a beer bar, again FFS.

Now not to be to critical I look over at the second dance floor and there are about 7 or 8 dancers that look good so not being shy I pick up my drink and head over to the other side near the bar and shock horror I am spotted standing near the bar as I’m looking for a good spot to sit and get told ‘you cant stand here’ HA HA FFS really its a bar FFS …. Now don't think the FFS have finished as it gets more retarded.

I like the little waitress at 150 cm / 5ft 1 looking up at me as she says ‘you moved from your seat, you cant move so you have to pay for your drink now’ HA HA FFS. I really did enjoy the experience when it all went pear shaped as I’m thinking I cant wait to write about this. When she came back with my change I just asked how much is a barfine (600฿) then skulled my drink and left.

Try Rainbow 3 if you want be like a man and be able to stand around watching chicks dance.

R & B Bar - Nana Plaza … 3½/10.