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Best Bars @ Patpong ..... Pink Panther - Kings Castle 2 - Superstar - Kings Castle 1 - Thigh Bar - Kings Corner - Glamour - Bada Bing .....

Patpong Soi 1

Thigh Bar Patpong 1Thigh Bar ***

Good older style bar with some good dancers and some women that if you barfine wont look like a hooker on your arm Patpong Soi 1, worth a look and drinks are a bit cheaper than some other bars.

Safari Bar - BangkokSafari Bar

Cool bar in Patpong Soi 1 older style music where you might hear Elvis to the Beatles. Has older bars girls but don't let that put you off as you may be surprised.

King's Castle 1 PatpongKings Castle 1 ****

Tourist friendly gogo bar. Do some shopping within the night market then pop in for a drink. Plenty of dancers therefore someone should catch your eye.

King's Castle 2 PatpongKings Castle 2 ****

Some very fit older gogo dancers and located in Patpong Soi 1 next to Kings Castle 1 which has younger dancers, tourist friendly bar.

Superstar - PatpongSuperStar

Look past some of the older workers and you will see some very good Go-Go dancers. The music at Superstars is very loud.

King’s Corner ***

Stay focused here at King’s Corner as they have a mix of women and ladyboy dancers some of the women dancing are worth a look.

Patpong BangkokSuper Pussy

Not a welcoming looking place with Thai men sitting out front. Why even take the risk of walking up those stairs. Patpong during the day is it worth a visit ?

Radio City Patpong 1Radio City (Now Closed)

A bit out of place in Patpong 1 is Radio City since it’s a Gentleman's Club. If you like the sound of that then you wont be disappointed.

Kiss PatpongKiss Bar

An older style gogo bar that is well worth a look. If you are after some company for the night then hit the Kiss Bar.

Shark PatpongShark Bar (Now Closed)

A new bar within Patpong that is of to a slow start. It doesn’t help having their drink prices more expensive than most bars.

Patpong Soi 2

BarBar Fetish Club

If you’re after something different when in Bangkok then you wont forget your experience here at the Bar Bar Fetish Club. Well worth the admission price.

The Strip - PatpongThe Strip

The Strip is a medium sized gogo bar located in Patpong Soi 2. They have a different theme each week so you wont get bored. Now called The Strip 2.0.

Bada Bing neon sign - PatpongBada Bing ***

A popular bar within Patpong. They have several very good gogo dancers that can light up the dance floor when they are in the mood.

Patpong BangkokElectric Blue (Now Closed)

Has a good line up of dancers and is worth dropping in for a drink. Located opposite Bada Bing so if you sit by the door you will see best of both worlds.

Glamour PatpongGlamour ****

A modern bar with a good group of gogo dancers that can let loose on stage. One of the best bars within Patpong.

Black Pagoda -  PatpongBlack Pagoda

A cool looking gogo bar with an okay selection of dancers. Have a game of pool or sit back, hang out with the women and let them do what they do best.

Kings Corner 2Kings Corner 2

A ladyboy bar where you will get pressured into buying someone a drink, if you don’t you wont be left alone.

The Pink Panther Patpong 2Pink Panther ****

Very good gogo bar hassle free just sit back and see the dancers in action some are impressive. At 11pm they put a ring in the middle for some Muay Thai Boxing.

Soi Twilight

A gay red light street that is only a short walk from Patpong. Exit via the Surawong Rd end of Patpong Soi 1 & 2 then just turn right.  Soi Twilight is on the opposite side of the Rd. Now Closed.

Silom Soi 4

A gay street that has many fine restaurants and bars. Located near the Sala Daeng BTS Station means easy access. Only a short walk from Patpong 1 & 2.


The Patpong Night Market is on the list of places to visit for most tourists. Some may be surprised to see that Patpong is also home to some of Bangkok's best gogo bars. The bar scene at Patpong was here long before the likes of Nana Plaza therefore you will find some cool older style bars that have a bit of history and character making Patpong such a cool place to visit.

Bada Bing Patpong Soi 2

Patpong Bangkok Reviews

There are several cool go-go bars at Patpong. Patpong 1 has some very tourists friendly bars plus you can shop at the night market. There are a few bars that are upstairs therefore make sure you know exactly where you are going before you head up any stairs. Patpong overall has a different feel in regard to the gogo dancers compared to the other bar areas of Bangkok. Overall they dance better and are more laid back than their counterparts. Be smart and just do your own thing. If you here any mention of a ping-pong show just ignore their advances. Just keep walking then you should enjoy your night out in Patpong.