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Midnite Bar Soi Cowboy

Walking along Soi Cowboy you will always find a bunch of dancers out front the Midnite Go-Go Bar either just sitting around or standing within Soi Cowboy trying to entice customers inside. The Midnite Go-Go Bar is modern and a good size with a dance floor in the middle which would hold around fourteen dancers comfortably. When I entered  there wasn’t another customer and to there credit when the six gogo dancers saw me enter they all got into position and started dancing …. Cool!

Now luckily within a couple of minutes several customers came inside. There was a couple that followed soon after and they had a gogo dancer come over and dance at their table … It’s always good to see female customers within a gogo bar. On the dance floor is one of the hottest's gogo dancers I've seen at Soi Cowboy therefore when she finished her set I ask her over for a drink. I got another beer which costs 200 Baht and a drink for her which cost 250 Baht.

Midnite Bar Soi Cowboy

Midnite Gogo Bar Dancers

She's 25 yrs old and can speak very good English. I ask how much is it to barfine someone here? She looked around and said there are only four girls here tonight that can be barfined. Everyone else plus her only dance or sit and have a few drinks with the customers. I look over at two that can be barfined and I say ‘but that ones a ladyboy!’.

The ladyboys are post-op therefore care needs be taken if you ever come to the Midnite Bar especially if you have had a few too many drinks. Luckily though the ladyboys all wear black dresses making it easy to know who is who. A barfine costs 800 Baht.

Another couple came inside and they also sat at a table that had a gogo dancer tabletop dancing. This does give the bar a good atmosphere and is visually pleasing. Who doesn’t watching another female gawking at gogo dancers. You can see how you could have a good time here at the Midnite Bar bringing your wife/partner whilst holidaying here in Bangkok.

The ladyboys do get busy when a group of Japanese customers enter the bar. Before you know it it’s drinks all round! Just sit back and watch the ladyboys in action as it can be an eye opener.

When I have been there early enough I have noticed a steady stream of women coming from upstairs dressed in there Gogo dancing outfits heading out to the Spice Girls Gogo Bar. They have the same owner. If you like the Midnite Bar then also have a look the Kiss Bar and the Sahara Gogo Bar.

The Midnite Go-Go Bar has a good group of dancers and looks modern inside and out.

Midnite Bar Soi Cowboy … 6/10.