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Rio Club Soi Cowboy

The Rio Club Go-Go Bar looks so good when you walk along Soi Cowboy. With the well designed logo and the lights and lets not forget about all the good looking gogo dancers standing out front. This place always looks quiet from the outside… You hardly ever see someone venture in. So in I go and it is no surprise that there are only 2 customers inside. All is not lost as one of the guys is getting a  lap dance. Which means onething for me and that is… These chicks aren’t shy!

Rio Club Bangkok

The Rio Club Soi Cowboy

The Rio Club Go-Go Bar is a good size and looks like the owners have spent a bit of money in renovations. The dance floor in the middle looks like it would hold about 12 Dancers comfortably. At the moment there's only 3 up dancing. The gogo dancers do look good… no complaints so lets find out why this place is on the most part quiet.

A waitress comes over and she is really cool still no problems HA HA…..I order a Tiger Beer 200 Baht which is a bit pricey for Soi Cowboy. A lady drink is 250 Baht. Now moving on to my usual barfine question and she says the women dancing cant be barfined! So I ask who can be barfined? She says no one…. but the girls can come over and give you a good time…Mmmm.

I’ll get that and loads more at the Toy Bar, Moonshine Joint, Fanny's Bar or Jungle Jim's who really are hands-on! You will pay 120 Baht for a Tiger Beer. Its hard to understand what the owners are trying to do here.

So there's the problem with The Rio Club. I really cant see how The Rio Club Go-Go Bar could ever get busy. There's nothing here to make the customer want to come back. The other bars in the same stable are definitely more lively and are worth have a few drinks inside. What's it trying to be a high class rub bar? Really tame stuff.

As you can see by the pictures that the woman look pretty good, therefore its quite easy for them to get people on their first trip to Soi Cowboy. With this set-up though they wont be back. There's more fun to be had within Soi Cowboy than this tame stuff. Its an easy fix by the management since the inside looks so good as do the gogo dancers.

The Rio Club Soi Cowboy … 5/10.