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The Strip Patpong

The Strip Go-Go Bar is only about a 50 meter walk as you enter Patpong 2 from Silom road. The majority of people just keep on walking until they arrive at the Patpong Night Market. It’s easy enough to cut through one of the lane-ways if you are looking for The Strip. Just turn right and you will see The Strip in the distance. Now called The Strip 2.0 after being closed for couple of months in 2019.

The Strip is a medium sized gogo bar with a long dance floor in the middle that holds around 14 dancers comfortably. The drinks area looks so cool with chrome poles hanging from the roof where you can have dancers doing their stuff. As you enter the RHS is the main seating area which is tiered bench seating were you do get a good view of the dance floor.

The Strip 2.0 Patpong

The Strip Patpong Soi 2

At The Strip they have a mix of Agency Dancers and regular dancers. If you are after a bit of fun then the regular dancers are the ones to go for. If in doubt just ask.

The dancers at The Strip on a good night know how to have some fun. As it gets late and if they do get a crowd then their energy does seem to intensify. Making for a good night out.

Saturday night would be the best night to check out The Strip. During the weekdays they do find it difficult to draw a crowd. There are more than a few top class gogo bars within Patpong nowadays making it more difficult for a bar like The Strip to attract a crowd.

The Coyote Dancers are 1000 Baht & the Regular Dancers 800 Baht. Try and make sure she is up for some fun before you think about heading down the barfine path.

If you are in Patpong then The Strip is a bar worth seeing but only if they have a crowd or you don’t mind being the center of attention.

The Strip Patpong … 5½/10.