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Morning Night Nana Soi 4

The first beer bar that you encounter when entering Soi 4 Nana is the Morning Night Bar. You will notice it straight away that the music volume is set to good level and the song selections are well thought out considering the demographic of their customers. Inside the Morning Night Bar there are several large flat screen TV’s which are set to different sports channels. It’s a good spot to just sit and watch the traffic of people entering & leaving Sukhumvit Soi 4. There is always a steady stream of people walking out front. You can also watch the women buy their food before heading to work at Nana Plaza … It really is amazing how much Thai women can eat. If you're up for a game of pool there are three tables inside. That’s all the people who aren’t interested in hanging with the bargirls happy.

Morning Night Nana Plaza Bangkok

Soi 4 Nana Beer Bars

There is a good selection of women working at the Morning Night Bar. I ended up talking to one lady who had been barfined for the last 2 nights. I asked the dumb questions … ‘How many times did you have sex?’ .… ‘Was he a stud?’ She quickly tells me….’No’… only tried one time as it was too sore for her, I nearly chocked on my drink at this point thinking this guy must be well hung. After having a laugh about this she explains … it was because he was too fat! I was very surprised when she showed me his picture ... HA HA … I think she would have had a bit of trouble breathing.You can have a bit of fun with the bargirls here as more than a few have a personality!

A Tiger Beer is 135 Baht but they have a really strange system with the lady drinks as the first drink is 150 Baht and then the next was 175 Baht, who ever thought that was a good idea….Well its not!! If you want to take a lady from the bar then the barfine is 500 Baht.  

The Morning Night Bar is a good bar to hang out. The only problem is the lady drink situation which is an easy fix. Also have a look at the Hillary 4 Beer Bar.

Morning Night Bar Soi 4 … 6/10.