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Suzie Wong Soi Cowboy

If you are coming to Bangkok on a holiday then Suzie Wong Go-Go Bar is a must see. The show they put on these days is top class. What a surprise since the first time I went to Suzie Wong Go-Go Bar was early 2014 and I thought the show was pretty lame… Now you don’t want to leave. It’s a good idea to have a couple of drinks at the Moonshine Joint Bar or Jungle Jim's next door as a warm up. You can also sit at the Dollhouse which is directly opposite to Suzie Wongs and watch the gogo dancer dancing outside whilst you wait for 10 pm to roll on up. As of March 2017 the Lesbian show has been dropped. In its place is a 10 minute ping pong show (lame) followed by some body painting. Have a read below at what you are now missing out on.

Suzie Wong Soi Cowboy

Suzie Wong Gogo Dancers

Suzie Wong | Showtime 10 pm

(Pre-2017) I entered Suzie Wong Go-Go Bar just before 10 pm. The bar is a good size with an elevated dance floor which can hold about 20 dancers. Drink prices start at around the 175 Baht mark. I had heard rumors of a good show taking place… there is only one way to find out and that is to head on in and I wasn't disappointed. There are multiple shows each lasting about 15 min's. The women will come on stage 5 or 6 at a time and will be clothed. Before you know it they will all be in their birthday suits!! Most times it will be based around lesbian action… no simulations here… real licking!! Take note nearly every other bar that has a show.

Women 1 on 1 and the best is the three way… HA HA. Ok here we go… One woman is in doggy position and is being licked from behind by… you guessed it a hot woman whilst she herself is licking a chick lying down… put that in your memory bank why don't you?… Looked pretty sh.t hot! The cool part is some of the women get right into it.

They will leave the stage and another six dancers will come on stage this time. They will oil themselves up and you will get another three way. This time a girl lying down on her back whilst a chick licks her whilst another performer will be sitting on her face!… Yeah they all look pretty good oiled up. Plus the way they use the lighting is very good.

Now to the wow factor that you talk about for years to all your friends over a beer. Balloons now surround the stage and there are four women on stage dancing who of course somehow become naked… You're thinking ok ‘yeah looks good no complaints’ then the woman I'm watching puts one foot up on a pole and proceeds to put her fingers in her pussy/snatch/vagina whatever you want call it. She then starts pulling out a fishing line with sowing needles about 2 inches long that are spaced about 8 inches apart. Once they had about 4 ft pulled out… HA HA… really! Then they started to pop all the balloons. To my amazement they continued pulling the fishing line out too about 8 ft…. Impressive.

One woman took over 10 min's to get it all out as it looked like she was having a bit of a problem with the last needle…. Such a good show now before I knew it, it was 11:20 pm and the show was still going strong. If you want to know the rest then then do yourself a favor and head into Suzie Wongs.

The place was packed on a Thursday night with people from all over… couples, males, females… Who doesn’t like a lesbian show? It’s a pity that the Skytrain stops at midnight… Soi Cowboy’s Suzie Wong 10 pm show was a must see.

Suzie Wong Go-Go Bar 6/10. (previously 8/10).