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K&S Bar Nana Plaza

The K&S Bar is located within Soi 4 Nana next to the entrance to Nana Plaza. They are open during the day but The K&S Bar comes alive ones dusk has fallen. There are several flat screen TVs scattered around the bar and there is one pool table. You do get a good view of Soi 4 when you sit at the railing which makes for some interesting sights day or night … You wont get bored. If you're after a bit of company then the choices aren't that good with the daytime crew. Do yourself a favor and choose wisely who you want to spend your day with.

K&S Bar Nana Plaza

K&S Bar Soi 4 Nana

A whiskey is 140 Baht, lady drinks 120 Baht and if you feel like barfining one of the woman it will cost you 500 Baht. I have been here a few times during the day and it's an okay place to sit and have a drink or play a game of pool.

There are two problems at night with the K&S Bar and one is the music is way too loud! It’s so hard trying to have a conversation with anyone. Hopefully one day they will drop the volume slightly as there's a sweet spot where It’s loud enough but you can still talk comfortably.

Secondly they have some pretty hardened bargirls working inside who can get very loud once they smell a VIP walk in .… Just some poor sap all cashed up for his holiday … VIP until the money runs out. Therefore do yourself a favor don't waste your time with these women.

Before venturing inside and you’re after some female company then have a look from the footpath since the K&S Bar is open air. On occasions I have noticed some decent looking bargirls inside. Just keep the hardened bargirls away when you do find someone worth having a drink with,

If you’re into beer bars then also have a look at the Morning Night Bar near the entrance to Soi 4 Nana or try the Tiki Bar just inside Nana Plaza on the RHS as you enter.

K&S Bar Nana Plaza … 5/10.