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Rawhide Go-Go Bar Soi Cowboy

Rawhide Go-Go Bar is situated opposite DeJavu Go-Go Bar. You get a big surprise when you enter as most girls up dancing are in their birthday suits… So yeah sh.t hot. If that doesn't get your juices flowing then head on up Soi Cowboy to the Cockatoo Bar. Drinks are 165 Baht and if you want to barfine one of the dancers it will cost you 600 Baht. Rawhide Go-Go Bar is a good size with an elevated dance floor in the middle. The dance floor will hold around 15 dancers on at one time comfortably. Now Closed!

Rawhide Bangkok

Rawhide Gogo Dancers

The music is okay but a bit hard to dance too since there was no beat. This is important here when the dancers are naked. Get the beat right and you wont want to take you eyes off the gogo dancers. Screw talking to anybody tonight.

You don't hassled by the waitresses wanting a drink. When I wanted another I had to call her over… This helps make the Rawhide gogo bar tourist friendly for first time visitors

There is a show at Rawhide Go-Go Bar which is very good. The pole dancer is excellent she must be so strong to do what she did. Once the pole-dancer is finished the DJ plays the good stuff for the gogo dancers on stage and some of the dancers really let loose! They should keep it going as long as possible since no one left whilst this was all going on.

All the women up dancing looked classy! At Rawhide they do have a few bargirls just sitting around ready to pounce. An obese American guy came in and decided to buy one of then a drink. Before he knew it he had four chicks total… one on his lap, one rubbing his crotch and the other 2 kissing his cheek. What can I say?… But Cool!

It’s going to be an expensive night but I bet he wont forget this night for a long time coming. It actually looked like a lot of fun but I thought the bargirls looked a bit rough. The dancers looked so much better that were dancing on stage. He was more than happy with the attention he was getting from these four women to even care.

If you want to sit outside then there's a good view of DeJavu Go-Go Bar. The dancers do come out front trying to entice the herds of tourists into their bar.

At Rawhide they need invest in some new stools for the outside bar. I tried to move one and it fell apart. I had a slight awkward moment putting the stool back together.

If you like Rawhide Go-Go Bar then also have a look at The Dollouse Agogo and the Lucky Star Gogo Bar which are all located within Soi Cowboy Bangkok.

Rawhide Soi Cowboy … 6/10.