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DC 10 Nana Plaza

DC10 gogo bar located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok is now a ladyboy bar. Since my last visit they haven't spent a dime in any sort of renovations. They have just shipped all the female gogo dancers out and brought in a troupe of ladyboys. There are usually three ladyboys out front DC 10 having some fun with whoever walks-by. If you’re Japanese you will definitely be paid a bit of attention as they try to get you inside.

Tonight I just walked straight in but unfortunately I was followed by one of the three. Therefore it was straight to a seat. All she wanted to do was take my drink order and without asking to get one for herself… Cool no pressure!! My whiskey cost 150 Baht… I might need more than one tonight.

DC 10 Bangkok

There are five ladyboys on stage and all five are just honed in on me wanting to get off the dance floor and come and have a drink. Now we have a bit of pressure. This only lasted for a few minutes as luckily another guy walked in and sat on the opposite side of the dance floor. Therefore all five just turned as one and tried their luck with him.

This guy didn't waste anytime and made his selection. Once the drinks had arrived there was a bit of rubbing going on to the delight of some of the other dancers.

There are around 12 ladyboys in total and some are a bit louder than at other ladyboy bars. There is a good variety here as you have a couple of petite ladyboys present and then you have the large breasted ones. Her at DC 10 most of the ladyboys do have a good personality in a tomboyish sort of way whilst looking very feminine.

Back to the guy opposite well he must have been ready to go as after only one drink he barfined her for 700 Baht. This did cause a bit of a excitement within DC10. His new ladyboy friend was ready to go within a couple of minutes and there were high fives all round as they left… HA HA… Really!.

A few other customers came in and the way the ladyboys interacted with them was all good. The music is very loud at DC10 which would be a bonus if they turned it done just a tad, the mamasan is cool and the ladyboys working appear to all get on making DC10 an ok bar to visit if you want to experience a ladyboy bar at Nana Plaza.

DC10 Nana Plaza … 5½/10.