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Stumble Inn Soi 4 Nana

Stumble Inn near the entrance to Nana Plaza Bangkok, I had high hopes for this place as they have a couple of hot looking woman out front trying to entice people to go inside which is usually a good sign.

Stumble Inn Nana Plaza

Stumble Inn Soi 4 Nana

Well in I go, spot an ok woman, so I make a bee line for her and ask how much is a whiskey? Before she can talk over comes a f…nnnnn Hag to ruin the moment easy in her 50’s…. So it goes like this Hag says what you want? My brain says for you to off but I say how much for a whiskey?…..Hag you want bottle HA HA…brain says, die now, but I say no How much for a whiskey?….Hag says you want red or black Johnnie Walker….I say the cheapest whiskey you got with coke how much? Hag tells girl get whiskey and coke…..I say no how much? Hag looks confused then says 140฿……. I say No!!!! Then just walked out. The price meant nothing no matter what I was off.

During all this I could tell by the hot chick that I went to was just looking at the Hag thinking please go away. Why they let these Hags run this place is beyond me all they want is for you to buy them a drink as well f… off people don't come to Thailand on a holiday to talk with some broken down old hooker, f….off back to the jungle where you came from and let some mid 30's girl run the place, they really are very off putting. It would be ok if they just sit in corner tell some girls what to do but any interaction with the customers is not on, especially since we all know they're only doing it trying to get a drink. Inside there are 2 pool tables and some large flat screen TV’s but who cares it's a shit hole until they get rid of the Hags. Don't let this place put you off as there's still plenty of good bars and clubs to have a great time in Bangkok.

Next door is the Morning Night Bar which is run so well, just go there for a better time. If you sit at any of the bars along Soi 4 Nana then you will see plenty of good looking women walking bye. It's an easy fix for Stumble Inn management, all they need do go next door and see how a properly run bar does it.

Stumble Inn 2/10. One for the pool tables and one for the fat screen TV’s.

Update on the Stumble Inn

I've stayed away from here for a few months.  This time when I entered there wasn't a hag insight, a Tiger beer was 90฿ and a lady drink is 150฿ the music is set to a good volume so you have no worry's if you want to have a conversation with anyone. The lady's working tend to leave you alone if you don't show any interest there way and if you want to barfine someone it will cost you 600฿ The lady that I was talking to said she would stay with me all night for 2000฿ which is a good price. Friday Nights they have a live band that starts at 9 pm. The Morning Night Bar is still the best bar to go at that end of Sukhumvit Soi 4 Bangkok.

Stumble Inn Soi 4 … 5/10.