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The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

The Dollhouse Gogo Bar is the destination for tonight. After an hour out front I go into the main Gogo Bar area this is where most the action is. The Dollhouse is a good size with an elevated dance floor that holds around 12 dancers comfortably. On the end closest to the bar there is a rotating section which has 4 dancers. They all look cool in their short yellow skirts. Other nights I have been in the gogo dancers have been wearing short pants that are pulled up so tight that you don’t need any imagination. After about 4 songs … it was time for a rotation of the dancers … Bang! Up come 8 women and it’s… Clothes off… Sh.t Hot!

Dollhouse Bangkok

The Dollhouse Gogo Dancers

You can sit back relax in comfort or be a winner and sit at the edge of the dance floor and enjoy the view. I couldn't get up quick enough when I knew what was happening. The dancers really know how to entertain once they know you’re out for a good time. The atmosphere can become electric when people move into party mode.

If you come to Soi Cowboy without a plan it wont be long until you see a gogo dancer holding onto a pole which means only onething … You have reached The Dollhouse! … Just take a seat and watch the show.

Dollhouse Bangkok

The Dollhouse Bangkok

This is a great spot for people watching just sitting out front in the open. I’m usually tempted to go straight into The Dollhouse Agogo area but this view is just too good at times. The dancers appear to rotate every 20 minutes and this new girl can dance pretty good.

If you want something slightly more relaxed then just go upstairs where they have Tabletop Dancing. You can watch sports on a large screen or look up and enjoy the view of the gogo dancer at your table. If you want company just call one of the dancer over. You wont get a knock back!

Another bonus is the dancers from The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar area come out front at times. The night I went it got pretty busy for a while with about six girls all standing around trying to adjust their uniform … Nice! They don't have to try too hard looking good. At the Dollhouse they clearly have a good selection of gogo dancer.

Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

The Dollhouse Tabletop Dancing

The Dollhouse is one the best bars in Bangkok and is Tourist Friendly … You wont get hassled by anyone.  A Tiger Beer is 160 Baht which is cheaper than bars of the same size as The Dollhouse. Just head to where your mood takes you. Either sit outside and soak up the atmosphere of Soi Cowboy or head inside to watch a very good group of gogo dancers in action. If that's not enough then go upstairs for your fill of Tabletop Dancing.

The Dollhouse Agogo Soi Cowboy7/10.