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London Calling Nana Plaza

Inside London Calling which is large and has a square dance floor that have about 20 dancers on stage. I take a seat by the dance floor and look up and see the ugliest group in white bikinis trying to get my attention that I have seen on my travels through the gogo bars of Bangkok. There is no sign of any d.cks through the bikinis so I ask my waitress ‘are they women?’ She assures me they’re... All women!.. HA HA.

London Calling Nana Plaza

London Calling Ladyboys

Not to be rude by just walking out I order a Tiger Light at 165 Baht. I then take another look… Nah these frrrrs are dudes!!! HA HA I’m drawing a lot of attention since most people are sitting as far away as possible. Here I am perched right by the dance floor.

When my drink arrives I ask ‘are they ladyboys?’ This time she talks to one of the dancers who flashes me and true to form… No! Although there is a mutilated ball sack with a hole drilled in the middle … fun times.

All is not lost as I look over in the corner where there is a shower cubical. I notice two very attractive women having a shower who just happen to be naked. Therefore in 0.000001 seconds I move to the shower cubical. The dancers inside do put on a good show when they know someone is watching or should I say starring! These women are not shy at all.

After about 4 song the dudes finish dancing then it's the turn of the attractive women that they had out front. Again there are about 20 dancers on stage  wearing red tops. I must admit to spending most my time watching the women in the shower cubical. They also had a shift change where you watch them undress then proceed to have a real shower and a bit of a dance… Cool!

I found the women a bit of fun as they came over after the shower and fooled around a bit and didn’t ask for a drink. A waitress did ask if I wanted to buy anyone of the dancers a drink though. To deflect that I just ask how much is a barfine here? 700 Baht.

The post-op ladyboys left me alone once they could see I wasn't Interested. Which is a bonus. There are some attractive looking ladyboys present it’s just that the ugliest ones are the ones pushing hard to come and have a lady drink.

London Calling is a good bar to visit if you are on holiday in Bangkok and want to check out the Ladyboys. Care needs to be taken when dealing with the bargirls. You are better of just leaving if you’re pestered by a bargirl since they wont take no for an answer. The bargirls aren’t Tourist Friendly.

London Calling Go-Go Bar4/10.