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Kings Castle 1 Patpong

I have put off long enough entering one of the Kings Castle gogo bars located within Patpong Soi 1. I might as well start with number one and work my way up. As I enter I am immediately surprised by the size of Kings Castle 1. The design is old school Patpong with a large dance floor in the middle which is surrounded by the bar. The mirrors on the walls give the dancers a chance to watch themselves dancing… Cool Bar! Note: King’s Castle has bee recently renovated. A review coming soon.

King's Castle 1 Patpong

Kings Castle 1 Patpong

There where 20 dancers up dancing when I entered. Some really know how to grind to the beat. Lets go there… as if they are about to get laid!! I only see this sort of dancing at Patpong. It’s only a slight adjustment when dancing but when you spot it… you just know what is going through their mind. Most the dancers had white pants on which is always a good to see for obvious reasons. If you don't know then you have never been to a gogo bar.

I really was amazed at how many dancers they have on hand as once they did a rotation another 20 dancers got on stage. Kings Castle is very tourist friendly. When my drink arrived (Tiger Beer 170 Baht) the waiter showed me the bill which is written in pen and if you are satisfied you initial the slip which is then placed in a cup in front of you.

Another bonus is I wasn't harassed by anyone for a drink. When one of the dancers did come over for a chat I let here know that I wasn't buying anyone a drink tonight. She had no problems with hearing that. I did feel like a bit of a prick since I had been staring at her white pants for the last 15 min's.

When I was there a tour group arrived which really livened things up. I was a bit disturbed when a women of around 40 yrs got on stage. She really did look out of place up amongst a group of dancers in their early 20’s. It all became clear soon enough as she got the attention of the tour group. She had placed a large piece of paper on the dance floor. She then proceeded to insert a large marker pen inside herself then performed the splits. I was amazed that the felt pen didn't fall out. She then wrote a message to the tour group and when finished held it in the air ‘Welcome …… tour’ in very good hand writing… I mean snatch writing.

Kings Castle 1 is a good bar if you plan on barfining a dancer for the night as there is a very good selection of dancers and at 600 Baht you cant complain. Also check out Kings Castle 2.

Kings Castle 1 Patpong … 7½/10.