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Jail Birdz Nana Plaza

Located on the top floor of Nana Plaza is the Jail Birdz Go-Go Bar which is one of the biggest and best bars within Nana Plaza Bangkok. I was pleasantly surprised when entering Jail Birdz which is designed like a prison. If you look up you get the impression of jail cells and each cell had a dancer inside. Note: Jail Birdz is no more and has been transformed into Butterflies Gogo Bar.

Jail Birdz Nana Plaza

Jail Birdz Nana Plaza

There're 2 good sized dance floors which had 6 attractive dancers on each and with 6 more dancers in the cells that makes 18 dancers when they have a shift change there is no drop in quality of the women dancing.

A beer cost 160฿ and if you are thinking of taking any of the women from the bar then it will set you back 700฿. There where some real stunners working tonight and they look so much better than the coyote dancers at most other bars. If you come to Nana Plaza on a mission to barfine a lady for the night and you just happen to go into Jail Birdz then you wont go home alone, unless you're gay of course then just go to the DC10 Bar.

Jail Birdz Nana PlazaHere's a tip when you enter they will try and usher you to the seats away from the dance floor, this is where most people sit. Although you do have a good view of all the action but you are missing out on so much It’s best to decline and get a seat right by the dance floor.

You will be surprised how much clearer everything looks plus the dancers do dance a bit better when they have customers seated around the dance floor.

Now to the bonus of being a winner and sitting by the dance floor. At Jail Birdz they wear a very short mini skirt, some have a g-string but one of the dancers had nothing I spent 5 minutes thinking ‘she has that pulled up pretty tight’ then she turned around, nice! I do like the shaved look.

All the guys sitting back are missing out on at least a story to tell there buddy's when they head back to wherever they came from.

When the go-go dancers did a shift change again there was one dancer naked under her short mini-skirt.

Once you have had enough of watching the chicks on the dance floor then head over to the tub and have some fun with the dancers who more than not will be topless.

Jail Birdz have a good DJ, the music is easy for the women dancing and the volume is set right. The waitresses are all very pleasant which made for a hassle free night out at Jail Birdz Nana Plaza Bangkok.

Jail Birdz Go-Go Bar 6/10.