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Iron Club Pattaya

The Iron Club Agogo is located halfway along Walking Street Pattaya. You will be surprised when you enter the Iron Cub as it’s is a long narrow bar with bench seats against both walls. This is a busy bar therefore you don’t have much choice when it comes to seating. Once you do get a seat then you will realize straight away that the small table that are fixed to the floor are designed for people under 5ft 8’.

Iron Club Agogo Pattaya

 The Iron Club Pattaya

There are two narrow dance floors with 6 gogo dancers on each. The dance floors are separated by a Jacuzzi which has 3 women inside wearing bikinis. They were trying to have a bit of fun but the customers sitting around the Jacuzzi weren't interested. Once you have been to Billboard Agogo at Nana Plaza then it’s a bit hard to get excited about any other bars Jacuzzi.

There is no draught beer so there goes the budget as a Tiger Beer is 165฿. The dancers when on a break are a bit too eager to try and get a drink. What made it all that more harder conveying that you weren't interested in buying anyone a drink is that the Iron Club is the loudest gogo bar that I have ever set foot in.

Now to some positives the Iron Club has a good selection of gogo dancers . The biggest positive of all is they have one of the best gogo dancers that I have had the pleasure of seeing rip up a dance in all of Thailand.

It’s easier to find gold in the ground when they’re this good. I have only ever witnessed 3 other gogo dancers that can dance at this level and when you spot one in action then you just cant take your eyes off them.

I didn’t even attempt to get the barfine prices as the music was way too loud. The Iron Club is a top bar but needs just a few tweaks to reach their full potential.

Also have a look at Baccara and Happy Agogo.

Iron Club Pattaya … 6/10.