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Five Star Bar Soi Cowboy

The Five Star Bar is located within Soi Cowboy and is sandwiched between the Country Road Bar and the DeJaVu Go-Go Bar. Entering the bar area you are instantly struck by the sounds of a live band. They’re the best live band in Soi Cowboy and possibly Bangkok. I haven't heard any band that is better yet. The guitar playing is of a very high standard. If it’s a live music you want then just ignore the bargirls and enjoy the band.

Note … The Five Star Bar has just been renovated and had a theme change. The band is no more. A New Review Coming Soon.

Five Star Soi Cowboy

Ladyboy in black dress

The Five Star Bar is bigger than the likes of Fanny’s Bar and the Dundee Bar just. They have the Bar on the LHS then comes a Dance floor which has five dancers doing their stuff. Three look good but the other two, well lets just give them a polite smile as really you don't want to be looking in their direction again or making eye contact.

There are about 10 other women wondering around a few are entertaining their customer for the night. If he stands up and wants a dance to the band up she will pop and if he happens to crack any sort of joke then she will laugh, know matter how bad it is HA HA … FFS. I was being hassled a bit by a bargirl wanting to sit and have a chat.

Once the band was on a break I decided to buy a lady drink for one of the workers. She says she's 38 and looks very attractive in a black dress when seated. I never noticed her walk over but realized she was a bit on the chunky size when I suggested that lets take the drinks outside. That way I can watch the dancers on a break from DeJavu, plus see whatever else is happening within Soi Cowboy.

She is very pleasant with the same broken record story of having one child to a Thai guy who has done a runner. A Tiger Beer was 150฿ as was the lady drink and if you wish to barfine one of the women it will cost you 600฿ and looking around the Five Star Bar there are a few bargirls that look worth having a bit of fun with.

I was just about to ask her if she would like another drink when she said that it's her turn to go dancing. I instantly said really????? I thought no way with her body!! It was ok covered by her black dress…. She easily had a 36 inch waist FFS. After about 10 min's I finished my drink and went inside to pay my bill and true to her word there she was up on stage dancing in a black bikini…… Not a pretty sight!

So there's a tip if you're distracted by watching the band and turn and see a pretty face seated next to you then stand up take a step back, take a look and see if she’s what you're into. The Five Star Bar has a very good live band, some attractive bargirls and is located at a lively section of Soi Cowboy.

Bangkok Ladyboys

Five Star Bar Ladyboys

Since mid 2016 the Five Star Bar has ladyboys in the outside bar area. They are of a high standard here. If ladyboys are what you are into then the Five Star Bar is a cool bar to visit.

Five Star Bar Soi Cowboy … 6/10.